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pinetar 09-12-2013 06:53 PM

JGC Laredo '14 - Wheel and Tire Fit Question
I'm looking to replace the wheels and tires (eventually) on my JGC Laredo '14, but had a few questions before diving in.

I've perused the sh** out of the forums, tracking down information about wheel and tire options and finally landed on my choices, as long as they'll fit.

The wheels in question are the 17" Moab stock wheel from the Rubicons (not the Saharas) and whether they will fit on my stock Forteras, for the time being. I will hopefully soon be able to afford some better tires to throw on there too. I already found a great deal on a set of 5 Moabs for an amazing price, so these are of the most concern right now.

Also a concern, will the wheels fit my new tires when they come? I'm definitely most interested in the Cooper Zeon LTZ's 285/50/20 or 275/55/20. A RRO lift or level kit is also probably going to be added as well.

Based on what I've researched and seen others discuss, I think the wheels and tires will both work in every stage of development, but I really wanted to have some experienced Jeepers confirm it with me and help ease my mind a bit.

( Sorry to add to the never ending list of questions on the forum too...any help is greatly appreciated! )

pinetar 09-17-2013 05:15 PM

Re: JGC Laredo '14 - Wheel and Tire Fit Question
Obviously none of those tire specs I listed would fit the wheels in question...
After looking further only the LT265/70R17 or LT285/70R17 would fit the wheel itself. Not sure about fitting on the car without a lift or level kit.

Sorry for being glib there. :)

pinetar 09-18-2013 03:40 PM

Re: JGC Laredo '14 - Wheel and Tire Fit Question
Carrying on this thread for my own satisfaction at this point. I do understand this has been covered before, so I'm just listing everything I've come up with.

I'm about to buy a set of 5 2012 OEM 17" Wrangler wheels, from what I've researched will fit without spacers, bolting straight on.

The tires I'm still most focused on are the Cooper Zeon LTZ's and also from what I've found, the 285/70/17s would rub or not fit at all. The 265/70/17s sound like they fit stock, no rubbing and a level kit will only improve the front clearance.

So this is what I'm aiming for and hopefully anyone that happens to read through this and sees any problems, please let me know.


pinetar 09-24-2013 07:02 PM

Re: JGC Laredo '14 - Wheel and Tire Fit Question

pinetar 10-25-2013 06:06 PM

Re: JGC Laredo '14 - Wheel and Tire Fit Question
Okay then—the endless searching is paying off on educating myself to what I want and actually do/don't need. It's been interesting, yet I always feel like I end up back where I started on decision-making, so I figured I'd throw out some of the specific options I'm looking at to see if anyone has any feedback.

I already acquired a set of 5 JK Moabs (17x7.5), so these are the wheels for them.

I have narrowed down the search for tires to the Toyo Open Country AT2's, Cooper Discoverer AT3's and the Bridgestone Dueler Revo 2's.

I know these are all pretty similar tires among the AT crowd, but each has better characteristics for different conditions, each I'm kind of willing to compromise with based on whichever one I end up getting. So ultimately, it's coming down to what sizes in each I can find and overall looks, I guess.

I've seen quite a few people running the Dueler Revo 2's on their Grand Cherokees and really like the look of them. They also seem to have overall great reviews on performance, so that never hurts. The only thing about them I dislike is the smaller tread depth compared to the other two in the same or close to same size... ie: in P265/70/17 the Toyos are 13/32", the Coopers are 14/32" and the Dueler comes in last at 12/32". Although there is an option for an LT255/75/17 in a C-load rating for the Revo 2 that has 16/32" tread depth, but the compromise is about 4-5 extra pounds of weight to the tire (more gas + comfort loss) and a little more money ($188 each is the best price I found online for the LT's - $175 for the P's).

Would the ride comfort and noise be compromised too much to jump to the LT from the P tires? It's only a C-load, so it didn't seem like I'd be sacrificing that much... Also, would these differences in tread depth between one another make a huge difference or not really?

I also liked the Cooper AT3's in a P255/75/17 size, that gave me a little taller tire to fill the wheel wells like the Revos, which I like. They come in at only 38lbs with 14/32" depth, compared to the LT Revo's at 44-45lbs at 16/32". They are also the cheapest of the three tire options, coming in at $137 per tire on also seemed like a good option, but honestly I haven't seen very many shots of the tire on the Jeep or any truck that I like very much. The lack of aggressive appearance definitely isn't a deal breaker for me, but I figured if I'm blowing this much on tires, I need to get what I really want.

And finally, to the Toyos. Originally when I first found and researched these, they seemed like exactly what I was looking for. That is until I saw some of the differences between their load class ratings (P, LT & Extreme) appearances. The P's are seriously lacking in the looks dept. compared to the LT and Extreme IMO, based on photos I've seen online...still can't find any in town to see in person. So the option to get the more aggressive Open Country AT2's comes at a cost in their load range and price, which really sucks. I'm not willing to even consider an E-load tire, just because it makes little-to-no sense for these kinds of cars and comfort is important. I'd like to not completely rule these out either based on this, but it's hard investigating when I can't compare them in person. From here, I'd also go with the 265/70/17 size as a second choice if I can get over the lack of tread/sidewall compared to the larger sizes.


If you are still reading, god bless you for coming this far and I'd love any opinions on this matter if you have them. I know I'll end up getting a great performing/looking tire no matter what in the end, but the assistance of any like-minded Jeepers would help take the weight off my mind until I actually pull the trigger.

Many thanks. :D

tsalani 12-27-2013 04:58 AM

Re: JGC Laredo '14 - Wheel and Tire Fit Question
What did you decide? For what its worth I have rubicon rims and 255/75/17 on my JGC.

pinetar 12-27-2013 09:16 AM


Originally Posted by tsalani (Post 950649)
What did you decide? For what its worth I have rubicon rims and 255/75/17 on my JGC.

Nice. Any photos of your Jeep you can share? What kind of mileage do you get with them on average?

I ended up deciding to get some dedicated winter Blizzaks instead of replacing the stock Forteras for the time being. Our winter was a little bigger than I was expecting originally, so the winter set was really the smart choice.

Once it warms up again, I'm going to mount the Forteras onto the Moab wheels and wear them out a bit before I get a new AT tire, for the sake of not wasting a perfectly good set. They definitely won't look as good, but I can live with it for a while.

And as far as what AT I decided's been a never ending quest to find the perfect one. I've narrowed it down to P rated only, unless I can find an LT tire that doesn't weigh a ton, which is kinda impossible, unless I want beefy duratracs. I'm just not willing to lose any more MPG right now and the tires would make or break that. It's probably going to be the Cooper AT3 or the Hankook Dynapro ATM in 255/75 or 265/70, which both came in the lightest for those sizes I could source.

austin9892003 12-27-2013 10:40 PM

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I have stock rubis on mine , can't beat the price at 600$ for 5. And a good performing tire.

pinetar 12-28-2013 11:37 AM

Re: JGC Laredo '14 - Wheel and Tire Fit Question

Originally Posted by austin9892003 (Post 951014)
I have stock rubis on mine , can't beat the price at 600$ for 5. And a good performing tire.

I dig the BFG KM's, but can't see myself enjoying driving on them throughout the summer as a daily driver. If I were off-roading all the time, they'd be perfect.

Do you drive on them as your daily tires and if so, how does the Jeep ride? Another user here fitted them on his new '14 and said the discomfort and noise weren't worth the trade-offs.

austin9892003 12-28-2013 11:41 AM

I daily drive them and have no complaints. There is a slight hum around 25-35mph but goes away after that

pinetar 12-30-2013 12:56 PM

Re: JGC Laredo '14 - Wheel and Tire Fit Question

Originally Posted by austin9892003 (Post 951198)
I daily drive them and have no complaints. There is a slight hum around 25-35mph but goes away after that

Right on, thanks for the info.

pinetar 12-31-2013 12:23 PM

Re: JGC Laredo '14 - Wheel and Tire Fit Question
So I've had my eyes on these Cooper S/T Maxx tires for a while and haven't given up on them yet, despite their drawbacks on paper. They do have many characteristics I like, but may be too much for my use.

They are definitely heavy from all of the information I've gathered and currently only available in load range E, also adding to them being problematic for my use. Although, TreadDepot has added quite a few new sizes, one of them being load C - 255/75r17 and they are very tempting. They say "Out of Stock" and I can't find that size existing anywhere else, but TreadDepot said they will be available at some point in early 2014. If and when these do come out, I'm almost positive it will be my pick.

Regardless, I've been researching quite a bit about using load range E tires and how much weight will affect the mileage. From what I've gathered and based on other drivers who are using these exact tires in E's on their Ford Rangers, 4runners and some other light-duty trucks/SUV's, that aren't complaining about harsh or stiff rides too much. They are experiencing a drop in MPG, but I'm not sure it's substantial enough to rule out a great tire like these. They are also very quite for their aggressiveness, which is always good. But what I'm most curious about is how much load E tires would really affect our WK2's performance and feel.

The curb weight of my 2014 Laredo is around ~4500 and researching these other said vehicles brings it in either right around the same weight or for the 2013 stock Ford Ranger, the WK2 weighs almost 1,000 lbs more. I figure if someone driving a Ranger with these S/T Maxx tires in load E that isn't having a problem with them, why would I?

Sorry to go on a rant (again) in this thread, but I wanted to see if anyone had further insight into some of my findings?

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