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macca 09-13-2013 04:54 AM

Ongoing problems with 2012 GC electricals
The GC has not been starting reliably for over 6 months now. At first the problem is intermittent - no fault codes on computer diags. So first dealer gives up and tells us to call roadside assist!

After two call outs to roadside assist, with their documented diagnosis of faulty starter motor or battery, the dealer accepts it back. After a couple of days with the dealer, they tell me they can't get a battery so will swap out the starter motor. Car starts OK for a few weeks.

Then car fails to start again. Roadside assist document battery failure. Jeep Australia say take it to another dealer. Arrive at dealer and tell them faulty battery diagnosis and ask about loan car since last dealer took several days (in metropolitan Melbourne). We chase dealer at end of day (4pm Friday) who confirms battery dead, but says they can't get battery and can't get loan car!

Jeep Australia say can't authorize loan car because manager is on leave that day and refuse to call manager's manager! Jeep Australia say they can't talk to another dealer about a possible loan car because their "dealers do not cooperate"!

Meanwhile, apparently a battery is available at another dealer in Melbourne who are open on Saturday, and the dealer with the car is also open Saturday, but it's all too hard for them and we have to wait until Monday!

Another electrical problem along the way was the rear power outlet failed. Fortunately fixed, but again lowering our confidence in the electricals.

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