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hawkman996 06-16-2009 09:51 PM

Coolant spray is gone!
Hey guys, I know coolant spray in the engine bay has been a problem for SRT owners and I'm proud to say I finally have no more spray.

At first I tried the zip tie trick on the coolant overflow hose and that cut down the spray by half.

About a week ago I purchased a Stant 18lb locking rad cap from advanced auto and threw it on the beast. This whole week I have been driving to work, on errands, or just joy riding and I pop the hood and check every time I get home and..........................................NO SPRAY!!!!!! :D YAY

Now I should be able to keep my engine bay much cleaner.....maybe even as clean as HarryBallz. :p

Robert Palmer 06-16-2009 09:54 PM

Re: Coolant spray is gone!
Great to hear Dave!

Frankie 06-16-2009 09:57 PM

Re: Coolant spray is gone!

Scottina06 06-16-2009 10:05 PM

Re: Coolant spray is gone!
awesome....too bad billet tech doesnt make a cover for the stant.......

dreamer1213 06-17-2009 05:31 AM

Re: Coolant spray is gone!
Good to hear Dave....congrats on the no more spray!!!

Dylans3960ccs 06-17-2009 12:54 PM

Re: Coolant spray is gone!
I didn't know the SRTs had a spray problem?

B.P.O.D 06-17-2009 01:40 PM

Re: Coolant spray is gone!
thats great new man!!! believe it or not my 3.7 had that issue as well for the first few thousand miles!!! now it doesnt happen but when i first got my truck it happened a lot!

hawkman996 06-17-2009 07:32 PM

Re: Coolant spray is gone!

Originally Posted by Dylans3960ccs (Post 15050)
I didn't know the SRTs had a spray problem?

Usually in 06' or 07' models it happens after installing a 180* Tstat. Some of the 08's have the problem with the stock Tstat though.

nifty97z 06-19-2009 05:23 PM

Re: Coolant spray is gone!
Yeah it is such a problem that my STOCK 07 has it :( I put two thinner zip ties on the hose for now until I get a Stant and shorten the hose about an inch later on, too. (All when I install my Jet 180*)

Got5onIt 06-24-2009 05:32 PM

Re: Coolant spray is gone!
I thought I read on another site a different radiator cap causes a considerable rise in pressure, thus resulting in a blown hose near the firewall (usually the weakest point)? The cooling system already shows signs of high pressure since so many experience the coolant spray problem (myself included). Anyone have information on this? I'd like to rid myself of teh coolant spray as well......

Jpeyatt 07-01-2009 07:53 AM

Re: Coolant spray is gone!
^^^ you are correct, the extra pressure has caused the hoses by the firewall
to pop off. That is very easily fixed by putting heavy duty hose clamps on those

Dave, your lucky! Lol I'm using the stant cap and still have a ton of spray.. It gets annoying after awhile.

gottspd 07-01-2009 10:30 AM

Re: Coolant spray is gone!
my radiator cap doesn't spray, but the overflow tank sprays like crazy... my rig is at the dealer now and they are going to replace the cap, but I don't expect that to solve the problem (don't know why i don't expect it to, just a gut feel).

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