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lillyjas 09-17-2013 01:13 PM

3 quick questions - '14 SRT mods

A couple of quick questions, I've searched and found what I think are the answers, but need some confirmation

1) Eibach prokit springs. Eibach has not 'qualified' the '12-'13 kit for the 2014... so my shop is hesitant to go forward - I told them, it is the same, but they would like to wait, which I will if I have to...
Question: for those who have '14's have any of you installed Eibachs and any concerns, comments, issues?

2) Front grill, silver trim change out.
Local body shop will only paint - not vinyl or coat the trim, and I don't have the time to do this - Really want to black out the front as the silver pops.
Question: any concern with having the shop floss black paint the silver trim, any questions I should ask them, or concerns to raise? Or is there any OEM parts yet for the '14's which would black this out?

3) Corsa dealer/installer. Question: Anyone know any shops in mid-Michigan that will install the Corsa exhaust? Not sure if I'll get this done before winter or wait till spring, but my hunt for a shop has been unsuccessful - willing to go to Detroit or Grand Rapids if anyone knows any good ones.

Thanks in Advance!

Scottina06 09-17-2013 02:58 PM

Lol....I know of about 5 14's with eibach springs....including my own.

The chrome rings on the top grille and lower grille can be easily removed with a trim stick. You can also buy them seperately...but thw upper rings are on national back order. Any good shop can paint them.

Corsa-buy it from the cheapest online site and have any exhaust shop put it on. It just bolts on....a corsa shop is not needed.

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