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14srt 09-17-2013 04:31 PM

Burning oil
So i have had my 14 for about 4 months and have already stacked on 6500 miles! At approx 3000 miles i noticed a bring oil smell coming from the HVAC vents after a long drive to Detroit From Chicago. I was in traffic near Detroit and it was getting unbearable (and nauseating). The next morning i noticed quite a few drips of oil under the car in the garage. The next daymore, a small pool almost. I added some oil and called for an appointment. I had it in the shop at Fields Northbrook right when i got back to Chicago a day later. They assured me that it was merely a factory faulty oil filter and that a new one needed to be installed. Of course i still smelled the burning oil for a few days but I assumed it was what they could not clean off.

A few weeks later (last month) my new half shaft was finally in. I was told that this is what was causing the whistle sound many of us have been hearing. It was done in 1 hour and i was on my way. Since then i have noticed almost a supercharger whine under hard acceleration. I cant compare the sound to anything but a low psi supercharger. Its very strange.

Now...Fast forward to last week and i smell the oil again, this time even worst but there is no dark yellow motor-oil under my car, instead it is a thinner, very clear/yellow oil located further back near the transmission. Not sure what it is as its definitely to light to be engine oil. Its getting embarrassing to have customers in my car and I have already made 3 trips to the dealer in a relatively new and quite expensive car.

Any thoughts on what could be leaking now and the whine noise im hearing?! I still love this car but its a shame that it took me 10 years to go back to an american vehicle and now im getting worried i made the wrong decision...

Thanks everyone!

14StormTrooper 09-17-2013 04:52 PM

Mine has made a loud whistle noise during hard acceleration since I got it. I figured it made that noise from the cold air intakes I had on. If no one else has the whistle from intake systems then I might have the same issue. Last week I had oil all over my grarage floor when I backed out and took it in and they had 2 other jeep SRT in that morning with leaking oil from bad oil filters. They put new filter on for me and oil drip has gone away.

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