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Hardcopy 09-19-2013 10:32 PM

Added front parking sensor for $11.50
Like many I was disappointed that my new JGC Limited didn't come with a front parking sensor.

I don't feel I need a sensor but the misses is still getting used to the large vehicle (had the car for 4 days now), so I looked at the options...

My car is leased so I didn't want to drill holes in the bumper for sonic sensors. Found an electromagnetic sensor using a "metal tape" that you attach to the inside of the bumper. The manufacturer was British ( so I found a similar product on from a US dealer. The kit was/is on sale from a normal $29.99 to $11.50 incl free shipping from Prime. I thought "what the h***, I'll take a chance for $11.50". Ordered the kit.

The kit arrived today and consists of a roll of metal tape with a connector at one end, a control module and a wire harness with a speaker attached.

The tape is long enough to reach from wheel arch to wheel arch across the front bumper.

I investigated the access to the under/inner side of the front bumper and found that by removing the lower part of the bumper I could easily get to the area of the bumper where the ideal mounting of the sensor would be.

Taking the bumper off was almost as easy as buttoning a shirt :) From below there are 6 plastic locking "screws" that you simply turn 90 degrees and remove. The bumper is snapped together with the upper part so gently pulling it apart did the job. NO TOOLS NEEDED!

Once the lower part (the unpainted bumper part (with chrome) on a Limited) there is access to reach up under/behind the painted bumper and mount the tape strip.

As I didn't know how well/if the sensor would work i temporarily hooked it up to the power feeding the fog lights. Wires are right there looking up under the car/bumper - this gave me the ability to turn the sensor on/off with the fog light switch in the car. Ideally I do not want the sensor on all the time as i fear for sporadic beeping or the unit burning out due to constantly being powered when ever the car is on.

Spliced the wires to fog light wires, placed control modul up top near fuse box (using the supplied double sided tape) and for testing purposes just left the speaker in the engine bay.

I feared that since I ran the tape behind the metal license plate it would give false indication of object close to sensor but after testing the system that's not the case.

The sensor starts picking up obstacles from about 2 feet away (box it came in states 3 feet or less), beeping faster and faster until a static tone about 5-10" from bumper.

That's how far I got before it got dark and I lost visibility. Next I need to find access to run cables inside the cabin so I can put the sensor in there and mount a seperate switch to turn the sensor on/off (the fog light setup was just temporary). Thinking of putting a switch to the right of the terrain select knob as there is 2 unused caps or putting it next to the traction control off button on the center console.

Ok, now what you all been waiting for - the link to the product
I case the product becomes unavailable it's called VR3 VRPS100 Bumper Guard Parking Sensor


Heres a link to the manufacturer website

Hope someone finds this useful, I will update my post when I've had a chance to test the product for a while.

padgett 09-19-2013 10:42 PM

Re: Added front parking sensor for $11.50
Does it only detect metal objects ?

Hardcopy 09-19-2013 11:02 PM

Re: Added front parking sensor for $11.50
No no, sorry for the confusion, it detects "all" obstacles. I tested it by walking in front of the car, walking up to the bumper and listening for the tone. It detected me fine. When I parked the Jeep after installation it picked up my motorcycle in front of the car.

Another note for people wanting to install the sensor... simply cut off excess tape with a scissor.

Hardcopy 09-19-2013 11:12 PM

Re: Added front parking sensor for $11.50
What do you think of this switch to mount inside cabin to turn on sensor?,0,38,50_.jpg

f1anatic 09-20-2013 05:19 AM

Re: Added front parking sensor for $11.50
Definitely let us know how this works.

I am also pondering about omething for a FRONT PARK assist but I am still waiting on the LOCKPICK navi hack and just add a front video camera, since it would serve multiple purposes.

Roki303 09-26-2013 06:25 PM

Re: Added front parking sensor for $11.50
I belive some export models come with front sensors standardcon higher models. I wonder if there is a way to get the parts and installit yourselve

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