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AUTO-FX 09-20-2013 10:20 AM

anyone pulling a camper or trailer - question
I am looking at campers, and many ultra lights fall in the 4k to 5k weight range, but some are 30 ft long.
Can anyone with towing experience give me opinions on towing a 30 ft ?
I have an 07 WK with factory towing and i will put in brake controller and use weight dist hitch if advised.
Thanks for your help

SweetWilliam 09-21-2013 08:16 PM

Re: anyone pulling a camper or trailer - question
I have pulled a 7x20, steel framed, enclosed trailer full of dirt bikes, quads and gear plus 4 people inside. No problem with power but gas mileage dropped under 10mpg at 70mph. I run airbags in the rear. Love them for the infinite adjustability for different load and the super comfortable ride of air.
Also thats just a big thing to be hauling with our shorter wheelbase. If you have 5,000lbs advertised weight empty its going to quickly rise another thousand pounds plus passengers inside. Not to mention the way wind affects something that big.
Trailer I have has tandem axles and I had a tire self destruct on the highway...In the fast lane...while passing a motorhome...I was seriously wishing trailer want so big/heavy. Pucker factor was off the scale for a few seconds and seemed more like forever.
I will have one these LivinLite All Aluminum Ultra Light Campers, Ultralight Campers, Lightweight Campers, Ultra-Lightweight Campers next but no way will I go 30ft. Just too big. Jeep will do it and you can, but if you dont distribute weight correctly you will have big problems. If something goes wrong you wont have a prayer of keeping it under control.

AUTO-FX 09-21-2013 09:30 PM

Re: anyone pulling a camper or trailer - question
Hey thanks. The one i think ive settled on is 26.5 ' and weighs dry 4800. The book says max weight is 6500. I had a boat i used tow all over, and i guess that was 3500, and man, you would hardly know it was back there.
It is being delivered to campsite, but one day i'd like to maybe move to florida with it. So more than likely thats the only road trip i would ever do.

I found pics online of a WK pulling a 32 ' + Airstream . The guy claims all you have to do is , like you said, weight distribution hitch, sway controller, and reinforced crossmember under the back of the jeep. Making it a class IV hitch. But heck, that is crazy!!!

wilbready 12-01-2013 02:28 AM

Hey guys,
I just joined jeep Garage and saw your thread. I tow an all steel 16' x 7' enclosed cargo trailer for my construction business. I installed Firestone airbags, but they were not up to the task. Then I took it in and had the Air Ride bags installed, much better! Then I purchased and installed the Pro series weight distribution hitch with sway attachment. I cannot stand the noise the sway bar makes, so I will only use it on the highway. I have a great brake module that keeps the trailer in check.
Just my two cents worth.

Alpinerpg 02-07-2014 05:25 PM

Re: anyone pulling a camper or trailer - question
I just went through your same issues and after A LOT of research and window shopping I went with this... Somerset Camping Trailers :: Campers

This thing is incredible and I have done Yellow Stone, and lots of mountain camping with it. I have the XTS which has a storage bin in the front and allows me to put all my camping needs in it.

I like the height, weight, and capabilities of this pop up.


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