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Shem 09-20-2013 09:30 AM

Uconnect 730 Not Seeing iPhone IOS 7
My bad for upgrading my iPhone to IOS 7 so quickly. Not only does the software look like it was designed by Roger Rabbit, but I soon found out that my U(don't)connect 730N RHR can no longer see my iPhone as it was working just perfect before yesterday with IOS 6. When I attempt DEVICE PAIRING mode, my iPhone does discover my Uconnect from SETTING>BLUETOOTH under DEVICES.

I contacted both Uconnect Customer Support and Jeep Product Information Center and both confirmed the known issue between IOS 7 and certain Uconnect models, apparently the 730N RHR. They informed me their engineers are working at a software upgrade that will allow their Uconnect system to play nice with the newly released IOS 7, a problem that existed during the IOS 7 beta, released months ago. They also advised to have patience since this upgrade (may come as a satellite push but probably a CD for manual upload) will most likely not be soon since they are jumping through hoops with Apple to acquire needed software and details. Apple is being difficult releasing this due to security matters. So, the end-user, the customer, is now inconvenienced without hands-free. I understand this, but what I'm having difficulty understanding is why didn't someone at Uconnect send out a notice to their customers warning of this potential problem? If I had known this issue was to exist I would have never upgraded to IOS 7. In the grand scheme of things, not huge, but it would have been one less thing to write about if knowledge of this matter was passed along to the consumer.

On the flip side, if someone knows of a fix to resolve this problem while waiting for the upgrade from Uconnect, I'm willing to try.


AKHLK 09-20-2013 11:59 AM

What seems to be the common factor with people having problems?

My equipment: 2012 JGC, 730N RHR, Software version 2.126, iPhone 5, Carrier is AT&T, updated to ios7 yesterday and it all works fine. Bluetooth calling and music streaming work the same as they did before the update.

Shem 09-20-2013 01:44 PM

Re: Uconnect 730 Not Seeing iPhone IOS 7
Please disregard my initial post. I was able to figure out the problem I was specifically experiencing and I have paired my Uconnect system with my IOS 7 iPhone. Regardless, both Uconnect Support and Jeep Product Support previously claimed known bugs between their product and the Apple software, whether that is connectivity or something else, and upgrades are forthcoming. Or not...

*sox* 09-20-2013 02:54 PM

Re: Uconnect 730 Not Seeing iPhone IOS 7
its work perfect with ios7!!

1. update to 2.184, the last newest application

2. cancel th pairing in the iphone and in the mygig

3. make new pairing.

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