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Joewild 09-21-2013 11:49 AM

2006 Jeep Liberty sunroof repair kit
I finished the repairs and I thought that I would let anybody who was considering doing the repair themselves know what they could expect. For the mechanically inclined this job was quite simple just time consuming, plan on about 12 hours. For those of you who are less mechanically inclined and thinking about taking on this job because of what the costs are for the repairs, fear not as I do really feel that this job is easy enough to take on. Itís just time consuming. As far as prices for the repair kit, it cost me $133.00 total with shipping from the When you consider that price verses what a dealership or a repair shop might charge you, you may want to do the repairs yourself. The kit contains repair parts for the lifter arms and sliding mechanisms only. This does not contain any motor parts or cables, so if there is damage to the ends of the cables that hook into the sliding mechanisms this kit will not help you.
If you are replacing the motor only, you are in luck! I feel that this job could be done without pulling the headliner out. Pull the driver side rear quarter trim panel and the BĖpillar trim, remove the assist handle, rear header trim above the back door and the sun roof opening trim lace. Then you should be able to pull down the liner enough to reach in from the driver side rear door and disconnect the electrical connector and loosen the three Torx head bolts that hold the motor in place.
I should mention that you will need to have a factory service repair manual as this would be very helpful. Haynes manual does not cover sunroof repairs and I donít Know if Chilton manual does, but I doubt it. You do not need to buy a $300 manual either. You could buy a digital copy for a few bucks or maybe find a free copy to download online.
There are a couple of other things that I should mention. The repair manual mentions using a C-4755 trim stick. I feel that you will not need this tool as I did not have to use any kind of prying tool other than my hands and a small screwdriver for the retaining clips in the assist handles. I could not believe how easy things pulled apart on the panels. Normally when you try to pull a panel out you end up breaking plastic tabs off or end up landing on your butt when the panel finally gives. This was not the case, and it went back together just as easy. I never broke, bent or lost any tabs that hold the panels to the frameJ You will have to take the rear side seat belts off and the B-pillar top seat belt off to get the panels off. Another thing to mention is you need to pull the sun visors off last because there is an electrical connector that is taped to the headliner that you will need to disconnect, and you need to pull down the headliner to gain access to the connector.
I did have a little trouble getting the assist handle retaining clips to come out. I had to use a pick to get it started then a small screwdriver. You do not have to pull the retaining clips all the way out, just about ĺĒ, but they will come all the way out. Hereís the tricky part: getting the handle out of the frame because if you pull too hard you could crease the headliner when it gives. I would try wiggling the handle up and down while pulling. The handles have some plastic clips that hold it in the liner that you will need to find if you happen to pull the handle all the way out of the liner like I did. The manual calls for removing the dome light in the rear. This is not necessary. The dome light is attached to the headliner so there is no need to pull it off. The other thing I need to mention is when you go to take out the Sunroof module/frame assembly there is a black plastic part for the overhead console that will hold you up as it is glued to the roof. DO NOT remove! This will cause you more work. All you have to do is tilt the module frame down at the back a little-no more than 45 degrees. The black plastic has enough flex to it that you will be able to clear the edge of the sunroof opening and then gently pull it back. If you try to take the console back plate off you will have to glue it back in.
When you remove the headliner from the vehicle, you need to cut a washer hose and will need to buy a vacuum hose splicer to reconnect it. I strongly recommend getting someone to help you remove the headliner. This will keep you from creasing it. I did crease mine a little bit. Tilt the headliner at a 45 degree angle with the passenger side down so that it clears the rear door. The creases that I put in my headliner for the most part did disappear after I reassembled it, but I do have one small crease by the corner of the sunroof opening that still showsL I suppose I could put something behind it to push down a little on it and get rid of the crease, but my lovely wife has not noticed it yetJ
As far as the repair kit goes, if you understand how the sunroof operates this job will go quite easy. You will need to do the repairs on a work bench. When I took apart the sunroof module, I set the pieces from the right track off to the right and the left track off to the left. This will help you identify the repair parts and which side that they go on and what order they go back together. You will need a pop rivet gun to reassemble the motor assembly to the track. (You could use a #10-32 size bolts and nuts instead). Also you will need something to seal the motor assembly to the track. I happened to have some mastic weatherproofing on hand that worked great but I suppose that you could use silicone or anything that is flexible, waterproof and remains soft. After sliding the lifter arms in when pushed all the way forward I discovered that there was a clearance problem when you raise the lifter arm out of the track. There are two slots in the track that allow the guide pins on the lifter arm to come out of the track. (This allows the back of the sun roof to vent up) They were rubbing on the back side of the slot. To fix this I took a small metal file and filed about a 1/16Ē off the back side of each slot. You should check this before you reassemble the motor assembly. You will need to clean all the metal shavings out of the track before lubing it.
After I had the sunroof module back together and installed in the vehicle, I test ran it before I installed the headliner. Make sure that you follow the instructions. You may need to do a drive motor teach procedure. I did not have to because when I took apart my assembly it was in the closed position and I also marked the ends of the cable with a marker so that I knew where the closed position was. When I reassembled the sunroof module I used the leftover rivet shafts to put in the closed position holes on the lifter arms before I installed the motor, so I did not have to do this procedure even though I did run it through anyway. Make sure to pull the rivet shafts from the closed position and make sure that you have the sunroof glass installed before running the motor. If you do run the motor without the glass in place you may be buying another repair kit. When I ran the motor teach procedure I heard a creaking sound from the driverís side. I knew right away what that noise was. It was the guide pin rubbing on the back side of the rear slot on the track. So I pulled out my file and filed another 1/16Ē off the back side of the rear slot. Make sure that you clean any metal shavings out of the track before closing the sunroof. After that there was no more noise. I did use lock tight on all the fasteners that hold the sunroof module to the roof and also on the motor. After I got the glass in place there was some binding between the roof opening and the sunroof glass. To fix this I loosened all the sunroof module bolts which allowed the sunroof glass to center it in the opening, then retightened the bolts. I did this with the closing position rivet shafts in place before running the motor.
I do hope that you have found this information useful. I realize that I did jump around a bit but if you follow the manual you should stay out of trouble. I was just trying to touch on the points that I thought might give you some problems. If you have any question I will be glad to try and help but do not count on me replying right away. I donít spend much time online. Good luck, Joewild

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