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mosier 09-26-2013 08:53 PM

"Mini" Lift Part 2 (Hybrid RC Installed)
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I am sorry this is so long winded, but I wanted to share as much information about this that I have upfront with folks so they don’t have to “discover” something by having to ask the right questions. Since I have had the Mini Lift on for a while, when I got back from my second tour, I wanted to add a little to it. I was still not quite ready to “commit” to the Superlift yet, maybe in the future, but here is what I came up with. For those who have not read my “Mini” Lift thread, I will post the numbers:
Stock springs:
Drivers’ front spring: 52089766AE
Passengers front spring: 52089764AE
Drivers rear spring: 52089821AD
Passengers rear spring: 52089820AD

Stock Measurements (In inches, as given from the ground to the fender, center of wheel, full tank of fuel):
Drivers Front: 32.5”
Passenger Front: 32.5”
Drivers Rear: 33.25”
Passengers Rear: 34”
Bottom of Front Fascia to ground: 11”

Part of the differences in height I found stems from the fact that the factory apparently has different spring rates for each spring depending what it’s position is on the WK. Example: The Drivers Side has higher rates than the Passengers Side to compensate for the battery and fuel tank. Now my WK has always sat just a smidge (roughly ¼”) higher than any I have been next to stock. Don’t know why. That’s the reason I listed the spring numbers I have. I have the 4.7 Corsair Gen. 2, which rumor has weighs 50-60lbs less than the Hemi. But I also know mine did not come from the factory with the Tow Package, so I may never really know. You will see the effects of this shortly.

Here is the parts list (quantity of how many needed in parenthesis) of the Mini Lift and the resulting measurements (In inches, as given from the ground to the fender, center of wheel, full tank of fuel, gains in parenthesis from stock):

MOOG Front Strut Mount Kit (Includes Upper Coil Isolator) (x2): K160050
MOOG Front Strut Lower Coil Spring Isolator (x2): K160058
MOOG Rear Coil Spring Isolators (Fits both upper and lower) (x4): K160059
Rusty’s WK Front Strut Spacer (x2): RC-STP1-XK-WK
Bilstein Front Heavy Duty Struts (x2): 24-186797
Monroe Rear Load Leveling Shocks (x2): 58646

Drivers Front: 34” (+1.5”)
Passengers Front: 34” (+1.5”)
Drivers Rear: 34.5” (+1.25”)
Passengers Rear: 35” (+1”)
Bottom of Front Fascia to Ground (+2”)

To this I have added the following parts and their measurements are posted the same as above. One caveat is that I intended to remove the Rusty’s spacer, but the shop forgot about it and the RC Lift got put on top. Saved them from having to grind the strut mount bolts, so no wonder it went in so easilyJ And yes, the Clevis bolt still said “NO!” many times it trying to remove it, but I had spent a good couple weeks squirting PB Blaster on those and other bolts in the hope it would be easier than last time. Not a lot, just a few squirts everyday at lunch time on those areas. It came out without destroying the lower control arm and bushing, much to everybody’s surprise. But it did require using a lot of cuss words and patience, followed by more cuss words.

Rough Country 2 Inch Spacer Lift (x1): SKU-664
Rusty’s WK Rear Adjustable Track Bar (x1): RC-TB732-UV
Jeepin’By Al Upper Control Arms (x2): None given-order direct by nomenclature on 4XGurad website.
Monroe Rear Load Leveling Shocks (x2): 58643
Home Depot Zinc Washers in ½” and ¼ “ sizes to make up the difference in narrower upper shock eyelet on the Monroe 58643’s vs. the factory size on the 58646.
Discount Tire Hub Centric rings for my new wheels. Factory hub bore is 71.5mm and the Dick Cepek’s are 83.820mm. They sold me ones that were 71.5mm to 83mm, and they worked just fine.
Superchips Flashpaq for tire size/shift schedule calibration (x1): 3870
Dick Cepek Torque Wheels (x4): 5x127mm bolt pattern 18x8.5” with +20mm offset
Hercules Terra Trac A/T 2 Tires (x4): P265/65/18
New 433Mhz TPMS Sensors (x4): Shop Supplied

Drivers Front: 37.5” (+5”)
Passengers Front: 37.5” (+5”)
Drivers Rear: 37.5” (+4.25”)
Passengers Rear: 38” (+4”)
Bottom of Front Fascia to Ground: 17.5” (+6.5”)

Drivers Front Hub to Fender: 23”
Passenger Front Hub to Fender: 23”
Drivers Rear Hub to Fender: 22.50”
Passenger Rear Hub to Fender: 22.75”

I do not have any other hub to fender measurements from the stock and the Mini Lift to compare. As you can see from the Hybrid Lift numbers, that’s a fairly large increase over stock. I mainly wanted some additional height for larger tires and wheels for a certain look, not what would work best off road. I don’t have much down travel left anymore and you will see that in the photos. I don’t go off road much, and when I do, I take care and don’t get over my head or on my throttle, so I am not too worried about it. I only have 60 miles on this current set-up, and will be reporting back in as the miles accumulate to see what is affected by this much lift without dropping the front diff and using longer front knuckles and the rear not getting lower control arm relocation brackets like the Superlift does. I can say my fuel mileage just running around town has dropped 1.3mpg as I now am getting 14.7-15.0 vs. the 16-16.3mpg I was before. Also, in addition to using the Superchips to correct the speedometer and shift points, I also ran the 91 performance tune with extending out the WOT shift points by 200rpms and the engine redline by the same amount. The difference has been quite surprisingJ As a matter of fact, the throttle tip in is the best it has ever been, and the Jeep drives better power wise than stock, which is fantastic considering the extra weight and lift and so on. I am VERY happy so far with the SuperchipsJ

On with the pics!!!

mosier 09-26-2013 08:58 PM

Re: "Mini" Lift Part 2 (Hybrid RC Installed)
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Here is the measuring.

mosier 09-26-2013 09:06 PM

Re: "Mini" Lift Part 2 (Hybrid RC Installed)
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Full droop shots. Surprsingly the aligment came out just fine. I still had enough thread in the tie rod ends. The brake lines were good, and the ABS lines just needed "freed" from one of their hold downs. You can see though the upper control arms are a hair away from the front knuckles at full droop. Also I should mention that there is some slight "bump steer" post lift. Most likey due to a combination of the ertxa tire/wheel weight and the angle at which the tie rod ends are opreating now. It is not bad at all, but you can tell it's there.

mosier 09-26-2013 09:10 PM

Re: "Mini" Lift Part 2 (Hybrid RC Installed)
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I forgot to mention, I put on B-Woody End Links on the factory sway bars. Stock Length up front and 2 inch longer out back. Here is some shots plus the RC Lift. You can see how the front RC Spacer is sitting on top of the Rustys spacer.

mosier 09-26-2013 09:11 PM

Re: "Mini" Lift Part 2 (Hybrid RC Installed)
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Rusty's rear adjustable Track Bar.

mosier 09-26-2013 09:16 PM

Re: "Mini" Lift Part 2 (Hybrid RC Installed)
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I had a local body shop take care of the front pinch welds and the inner fender liner plastic. They also are the ones who installed the factory tow package, Overland trim, Badges, and the tow hooks.

mosier 09-26-2013 09:18 PM

Re: "Mini" Lift Part 2 (Hybrid RC Installed)
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Undercoating post lift.

mosier 09-26-2013 09:30 PM

Re: "Mini" Lift Part 2 (Hybrid RC Installed)
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Wheels. This took me a long time because for the most part, everything on the Jeep bolt pattern of 5x5 (5x127mm) is geared for the JK market and therefore has way deeper offsets than I would run on the WK. AEV set the standard with 17x8.5" on +25mm offset in their Pintlers. I don't know if these are made anymore or not. I could not find any:confused: Also I have found AEV and Rugged Ridge are the only two that make wheels that will fit our hubs (71.5mm) without Hub Centric Rings. Problem is the AEV wheels run a +10mm offset and the Rugged Ridge runs a 4 9/16" offset. I really was tempted to buy the Rugged Ridge wheels as they look fantastic, even though they are pricey. But I just did not want my tires sticking out way past the fenders throwing slop and whatnot all over my WK. I really wish Bushwacker would get off their duff and make us some fender flares. Hell, they got every other Jeep covered, even the newer (!!) WK2's. Then you would not have to worry so much about the darn offset because you would have the fender coverage and thus your choices would be alot better. As it is, I like my Dick Cepek Torque wheels and they fit pretty good.

mosier 09-26-2013 10:16 PM

Re: "Mini" Lift Part 2 (Hybrid RC Installed)
I forgot to mention, for those that want to know, the factory Goodyear Fortera HL 245/60/18 that came stock on my WK weighed roughly 36lbs. The Hercules Terra Trac A/T 2 265/65/18 that I bought weighed roughly 40lbs. The Terra Tracs are also T speed rated, as opposed to the factory S rated tires. The factory tire was rated at 2300lbs give or take a few on load rating, and the Terra Tracs are 2600lbs. The Dick Cepek Torque wheel did not feel significantly heavier than the factory 18" Chrome Cast Summit. The shipping weight on it was 27lbs per wheel. I do not have exact wheel weights though of the Chrome Cast. The Torques weight rating is 2500lbs per wheel, so it's not exactly heavy duty, but strong enough for what I want to use it for. I know the tire weights from buying both sets brand new from their shipping placards.

mosier 09-27-2013 07:10 PM

Re: "Mini" Lift Part 2 (Hybrid RC Installed)
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Mileage: 51,552. 100 Miles post lift. Here is what the upper control arm plane and both sides of the cv axles at static look like. Also is a few shots of the how the inner cv boot is touching in a few places, causeing the inside to look "shiny". I do not know if the inner portions of the cv boots have always been a little shiny or not, as I have never had to spend any time underneath my WK, I've never had any problems or reason to. With this much lift not really done properly, I now find it necessary to keep tabs. I did not strive for this much lift, it's just the way it turned out. Looks really good, but I wonder at what cost:rolleyes: Anyways, those of you who have the OME HD lift or Hybrid I would like to see your cv axle angles and boots to compare. Maybe I am worrying over nothing?

Kman09JGC 09-28-2013 09:00 AM

Re: "Mini" Lift Part 2 (Hybrid RC Installed)
Looks Good Mosier!!! I like those wheels for sure!

mosier 09-28-2013 11:36 PM

Re: "Mini" Lift Part 2 (Hybrid RC Installed)
Thanks Kman:) I'm thinking those 5100's you have would have been perfect here. Wish I'd known about them earlier:rolleyes: Then I could dial down the front just a smidge. Maybe it'll settle some here in a few weeks.

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