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croth 10-01-2013 03:33 PM

Blowing Resistor packs
I keep blowing resistor packs for my blower fan. The last one only lasted 2 weeks. Now all I have is high speed.

I've heard that this is an indication of the blower motor failing?

I'd appreciate any suggestions.



tomk 10-01-2013 05:09 PM

Re: Blowing Resistor packs
IMHO, 'yes'

motor is drawing too much current.


wkearney99 11-21-2013 10:07 AM

Re: Blowing Resistor packs
What's the least-hassle way to determine if it's the motor? I have to wonder if the modules failing in my WK is due to crappy aftermarket stuff or the motor itself.

Triplecrown 11-29-2013 02:52 PM

Re: Blowing Resistor packs
I replaced the connector/plug, have not had a problem since.

wkearney99 11-29-2013 03:40 PM

Re: Blowing Resistor packs
The plug on mine appears fine, no signs of overheating, charring or anything.

2005JGC 12-10-2013 01:19 AM

Re: Blowing Resistor packs
The only way to "test" would be to measure the current draw... Many cheap ammeters cannot even test the fan as it can easily draw 15-25 amps which is above what most DVOM's will be able to handle, furthermore, to measure current without an amp clamp you have to put the meter in series, aka you must basically cut a wire and put one lead on each end of the broken wire to complete the circuit... not suggested at all. If your burning up resistors, I completely agree with Tom, replace the blower motor.

wkearney99 02-04-2014 04:54 PM

Re: Blowing Resistor packs
Just replaced the motor with a new Mopar one. Didn't improve the situation, but that's probably because the module was shot. Replaced that and now have fan control again. For how long is anyone's guess, but I keep the receipt for it (and it's lifetime warranty) tucked down inside the dash right next to the module.

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