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tyler.usaf 10-02-2013 06:55 AM

Noob to Jeep/Towing
Hey guys,

I recently purchased a 07 GC with the 4.7L. Reason for the buy was to tow my belongings across the country. My belongings include my racecar and some clothes haha. I have a turbo 04 sentra. The jeep came with a tow package but doesnt have a tow hitch :mad:. Im going to be renting a trailer from Uhaul once i get a hitch install.

does anyone have any tips on what hitch to purchase, and if i should just have uhaul install the hitch and wiring for me. Im not sure how much a trailer weighs but the sentra clocks in at 2700lbs.

anyone see any problems i can avoid from towing 1800 miles.

dr.lee.baugh 10-02-2013 07:34 AM

What exactly did the towing package come with, if not a hitch??? I'm pretty sure all vehicles equipped from the factor with the tow group had a hitch installed...

You may want to look into adding the oem hitch yourself. There are a few people here that have done it, and it'll look way better than something aftermarket would.

tyler.usaf 10-02-2013 07:37 AM

Re: Noob to Jeep/Towing
I am assuming it has a tow package, just for the fact it has a tow/haul button on the center console. hopefully that is right.

dr.lee.baugh 10-02-2013 08:46 AM

Re: Noob to Jeep/Towing
Yeah, it likely does not have the tow package then.

I think both of the V8s have the tow/haul button, regardless of whether the towing package was selected. I think the trailer tow group included the power steering cooler, transmission oil cooler, 7-way and 4-way wiring and the hitch.

All that being said, I think once you get the hitch you'll still be fine with the amount of weight you are looking to tow.

Madanio24 10-02-2013 11:17 AM

Re: Noob to Jeep/Towing
Add the oem mopar hitch and wiring. its pretty simple. Remove your rear bumper ande bolt it on. Ive towed big boats to uhauls all the time.

WK2009AN 10-02-2013 04:12 PM

Re: Noob to Jeep/Towing
yea bud, I was in the same boat, I have an 09 4.7, I had no hitch/ existing wiring, but I picked up the stock hitch cheap just had to buy the bezel, and as for wiring I bought a harness from uhaul that runs from the battery to the rear, If you got any questions let me know, did the full install myself from bolt up to cutting the bumper to the wiring :thumbsup:

jeepgcoman 10-03-2013 06:44 PM

Re: Noob to Jeep/Towing
If you have the tow package, the hitch (receiver) and the wiring (as dr. lee said) should all be there and in place on the receiver. The only thing you'd have to purchase is the hitch ball mount (draw bar/stinger), hitch pin, and the adapter plug (adapts the Jeep plug to the UHaul wiring) from UHaul. Get the correct "drop" on the ball mount, so the ball sit about 15 in. off the ground when the Jeep is in its normal driving configuration. I would recommend a locking hitch pin, and an extra padlock to lock the trailer onto the hitch on the Jeep. If the receiver is not there, you'll have to do it like Madanio24 says....remove the bumper and install the stock receiver, or get an aftermarket one. Again, if the tow package is there, the wiring should be there. Good luck.

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