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brent 10-05-2013 09:47 PM

Aftermarket upgrade from REC to Sony XAV-701HD
Ok, as our WKs continue to age... the newer cars are doing so much more with the vehicle infotainment system than ever before. I took my 2007 WK in for service (only 3 months left on the 7 year warranty) and had an 2014 Explorer rental.

WOW - The infotainment center is amazing. Sync'd my phone. Bluetooth stream. Dial from my phone's address book. You name it... And it just made my WK REC nav unit seem like an old dog.

So, I'm hear to tell you that upgrading to an aftermarket deck isn't as bad as it might seem at first. The integrations these guys have for our CAN systems is pretty slick! The only feature I lost was the ability to use the mirror to make a call.

And 2007 REC nav owners. Let's face it... the unit was great for that year.. . but we're nearly 8 years old now and technology has changed quite dramatically.

In-Dash Navigation? Yeah, useful to see upcoming streets. But when was the last time you used it to navigate anywhere? I use Waze on my iOS device. It tells me about cops, routes around traffic jams, and on and on. Entering an address on the REC nav is just a PITA, even with the in-motion hack.

Satellite radio. It's good! It's even better when you can pause live Satellite and resume it later so you don't miss your song because you had to take call.

There's too many features to list on these aftermarket decks.. but if you're like me, and were looking at things like LockPick, MyGig upgrades, hacking/soldering connectors to get an external music player hooked up... just head down to your best car audio dealer and look at some of these decks. They're amazing! You'll retain your steering wheel controls, have better "noise cancelling" speaker phone abilities, and you can even pause satellite. Not to mention playing music from your phone, Pandora, or a jump drive... or playing video files...

Anyway, just a little encouragement if you might be like me and hold on to that "factory freshness" for too long....

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