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billtroi 10-06-2013 08:48 AM

First, Although Minor, Problem With Clock
Hi All,

I started my 2014 GC this morning and found the clock 3 hours fast. I went to the settings area, and the clock setting would not work. I later shutoff and restarted the car and now the clock is 4 hours fast.

I know this is minor, but I think this car has way too much electronic gadgetry. It's clever when it works properly, but it makes a lot of room for failure. It may makes things difficult to troubleshoot and repair too.

Well, at two months and 1500 miles, this is the first problem of any kind. This vehicles is potentially the best I've ever owned out of 10.

Avusblue 10-07-2013 11:31 AM

Re: First, Although Minor, Problem With Clock
Funny -- your clock runs fast, mine runs consistently slow: See this thread.

Here's to hoping that the Uconnect software upgrade will fix this glitch. The dealer has been clueless.

Good luck,


2014 summit 10-07-2013 09:25 PM

Re: First, Although Minor, Problem With Clock
We are having the entire NAV unit replaced under warranty on our new 2014 GC Summit. The outside temp gauge would freeze up, then the clock would read 8:58 then 8:59 then 8:58 then it would correct itself. Then the Sirus preset radio station would come and go. Wow, nothing but problems with it, when the dealer went to order a new one Chrysler had the radios on restriction and the dealership had to jump threw a bunch of hoops just to order it. I guess they said mine was throwing codes left and right. This is our first Jeep and I sure hope we don't contiue to have more issues. I sure like the looks and styling, just not the rattles in the head liner & dash and the NAV isssue then its the oil dip stick issue.

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