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clayts WJ 10-08-2013 05:28 AM

Replacement injectors
Hi everyone. Can someone point me in the direction of some new injectors for my 2003 WJ fitted with the Mercedes 2.7CRD. Mine have become very noisy and one is blocked or faulty. I have done 170thousand Kms and my mechanic is changing several brands of CRD injectors around this mileage. Jeep wants around $1000 each. They are Bosch ones fitted new I think. Any British or European suppliers out there?:confused:

paul4314 10-08-2013 09:26 AM

Re: Replacement injectors
Look at the numbers on top of the injectors
Then do a search on the Internet or eBay
U are looking at around
130 each uk pounds
And have to send them yours back so thay can recondition them
If u don't mind being with out the jeep for a week
Contact a company called

I have had all 5 of mine ultrasonicly cleaned costing around 150 all done
All thay need 90% of the time is cleaning
And if thay need any parts like nosils thay will contact u and then give u an alternate price

Most injectors u buy are only a reconditioned unit but cleaned and look brand new
I sent mine of on a Monday and got them back Thursday
And it was well worth the money as 1 was tapping its nuts of

If u need any more assistance let me no will try and help you out

paul4314 10-08-2013 09:30 AM

Re: Replacement injectors
Also when u have it done I would recommend an oil filter change
And a gearbox oil filter change as it makes a hell off a difference
Not done axles yet to comment on them but that would be worth it

clayts WJ 10-15-2013 06:29 AM

Re: Replacement injectors
Thanks Paul for that info. I have done some research and it seems that the CRD injectors have a problem with feed back pressure causing wear problems and my mechanic is replacing injectors most weeks. They are sooo noisy now. Yes I have found some in England for 130 pounds each. I was quoted $1500 ea retail, $1380 trade and a Bosch injector shop $615 ea. The English one is the cheapest. Interesting you say they are recos though, mmm its not so cheap then. cheers...Kerry

paul4314 10-15-2013 04:26 PM

Re: Replacement injectors
There's not a great deal to wear out inside them hence y all company and parts places charge a set charge to get the old 1s back to recon them
And from I lernt was that the tapping banging noise is the injectors not fireing correctly making the noisey
1 of mine I sent of sounded like a cango hammer
Now it's quiet with no parts replaces just an ultrasonic clean

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