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WickedXJ 10-12-2013 07:43 AM

Install of Factory Rear View Camera 2011 WK2
So I have now completed the install of the factory rear view camera in my 2011 WK2 and today had the dealer reflash the vin, and seems to work perfectly.

For reference I have (had) a base Laredo with Uconnect, added a used 430n, then the camera.

I used this pdf for reference, it was also included with the camera:

I had a little trouble digesting page 5, the wiring.
Here is a picture of my C3 connector when I removed it, it turns out there were already wires there, I figure I may not have had to run the wire, it may just have been plug and play, I may try someday, but for now I used the extension wire included. I removed the wires and installed the bare wire ends of the Radio to power source harness and connector using the number placement from page 5 and the numbers stamped on the back of the C3 connector. In this picture I am showing the supplied C3 connector beside mine, I'm not sure in which case you may need it.
I got power from the ashtray, and found a ground just below the radio. I attached the wires from the radio to power source connector here:
So that takes care of the 5 wires from the Radio to Power source connector, I then ran the plug end down to the drivers side footwell, beside where the trailer brake plugs in.
Now onto the rear. (Routing the extension wire along door sills and below the spare compartment is easy, won't show any of that)

Removing the liftgate panels is pretty easy, so is removing the brow. Only challenging part is routing the camera extension harness connector. I removed the upper liftgate trim panel and ran the wire through the grommet, it does not look the same as the in the pdf instructions. I pulled the wire through one of the cutouts for the trim panel. I broke the tab off the trim panel so it would not interfere. I could not tell where the pdf intended the wire to exit the liftgate after going through the grommet.
I then routed the wire along the side of the liftgate, ziptying it. It has to pass through the grommet supplying power to the brow. You then have to attach the supplied connector and plug it directly into the wire coming from the camera.
Here is a picture of the placement of wires into the connector using the numbers provided on page 5 of the pdf- I hadn’t installed the ground yet when I took the picture.
Here's a pic of the rear brow when I opened the box for reference:
I then had the dealer reflash the vin, and everything worked great!

So it’s a relatively easy install, hopefully this writeup and pictures help, in particular the placement of the bare wires in their connectors at the stereo and camera end.

archcat74 12-25-2013 09:18 AM

Re: Install of Factory Rear View Camera 2011 WK2
Great write up there. Thanks for the info.

dal04c 04-01-2014 10:36 PM

Re: Install of Factory Rear View Camera 2011 WK2
Great writeup! I am currently installing a rear view camera on my JGC 2012! However, I have ran into a problem. I cannot connect the wires into the connector of page 5 to plug into the camera. Is there a special way? I think my connector came with out a "lock clip" on it because the wires will not stay in the connector. Thanks for your help!!

RageOfFury 04-02-2014 06:35 PM

Re: Install of Factory Rear View Camera 2011 WK2
Well done sir!

vtec187 04-19-2017 08:08 AM

Re: Install of Factory Rear View Camera 2011 WK2
Back from the dead. I wonder if you need the factory flash if you have an aftermarket head unit and had the base radio to begin with.

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