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wildlifekid 10-15-2013 09:24 AM

Brake light issues n stuck in park help asap
I have a 2000 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LAREDO with the 4.0l n 4x4
My brake light are not working at all. So I decided to proceed and bought the new brake switch n install it. Nothing work so I checked the tail lights n noticed the 2 of the sockects smell burnt so I bought new ones for it. Still nothing, so I decided to check the fuses n found out the BRake fuse is burnt out. Replaced the fuse with a knew one n burnt out as soon as I put it in. Now I know I have a short or something somewhere. Just need sum help on where to look at first..

Second part is that I cant get it out of park. I pulled the lever off and if I bang hard enough on the shifter I'm able to move it to any gear without a problem. Everytime I try n press the lever to shift from park I can hear a noise coming from the ignition switch with the truck on or off. Now I'm wondering if my ignition switch is the problem.. Or could the brake lights have something to do with this at all. If the If I replace the ignition switch what do I need to do it n how much would this run me.

Thank You for any advice in advance need help ASAP..

Frango100 10-15-2013 09:55 PM

Re: Brake light issues n stuck in park help asap
Welcome to the garage.
The brake switch circuit is the cause of all your problems. There is a solenoid in the shifter assy which blocks the shifter in park. With ignition switch in run and the brake pedal pressed, the solenoid in the shifter assy will be energized and release the shifter. So with the brake switch circuit shorted, the solenoid will not be energized and the shifter is stuck in Park. Forcing it will finally break something, so take care.
There is also a cable going from the shifter assy to the ignition switch, which prevents the ignition switch to go to Lock or Accessory position, as long as the shifter is not in Park. The key can also not be removed.
I will have a look in the wiring to see how to troubleshoot this.

bill_de 10-15-2013 10:08 PM

Re: Brake light issues n stuck in park help asap
There should be a mechanical release to get the car out of park. It could be in the console or next to the shift lever. Check your owner's manual.

Typically it will be a small tab that gets pried out, then you insert your key into the opening to release the shift lever.


Frango100 10-15-2013 10:13 PM

Re: Brake light issues n stuck in park help asap
Ok, just had a look at some wiring schematics. If you have a multimeter, you can safe yourself some fuses.
First the way using a multimeter: First disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. Now remove the fuse from the brake lights (fuse 23 on the junction block, but you changed it already, so knows where it is) and measure from the fuse to ground. Because the fuse melts right away, there is some short and if you measure from the right side of the fuse to ground, there should be 0 Ohms (or very close to it). Now disconnect the brake switch, if the multimeter shows infinite, you know the short is after the switch. If it is after the switch, you have at least not adjusted the switch well, because with a short after the switch and a new fuse melting immediately after inserting, means the switch is already closed.
If the short is after the switch, remove all three brake lights and check again. If still shorted, you could remove the connector from both lower rear light assy´s to be sure there is no short in the light assy´s themselfs.
If its still shorted after this, remove the ABS controller connector and check again.
If you don´t have a multimeter, you could try all before mentioned, but without disconnecting the battery and with a new fuse each time it melts.
If your jeep has a tow hitch, then there are some more items to check.

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