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WATacoRider 10-19-2013 12:42 AM

Installed HID Kit
I told myself I would never buy one of these kits ever again. Either OEM or retrofit only....

After having HID lights for years, going back to halgon on my '14 JGC was like going blind at night.

I saw members here had XD kits, but I've dealt with TRS in the past and had great results, so I went with them.

TRS Mopar H11 Harness
Morimoto 35w Ballast
H11 XB35 bulb

I thought I could install them without removing the bumper and maybe take me an hr. Well that was a bust.

I had to remove my bumper and never done it before. Found the PDF and tried it out. Took me a long time to pop it off because I was afraid of breaking things. :slapfight: But eventually removed the bumper/grille. I did have one 1 black piece that broke off. Not sure what it is. Maybe part of a clip or something. Heard it hit something and saw it on the ground.

Anyways, I eventually get the headlights out. I ran my Mopar harness and tested ballasts and bulbs to make sure they worked. Woot, lights right up.

So continue the install. I drilled the holes on the back of the headlight caps first. On the passenger side, I connect the bypass harness and HID bulb into place. On the driver side, I just connect the HID bulb into place and didn't touch the OEM bulb connector.

Then mounted the relay on the passenger side, right next to that big ECU cooler or whatever that is. There's a bolt there that fits perfectly. Ran the power wire towards the (+) post and ran the ballasts wires to where they should go.

Next was to figure out where to mount the ballasts. Man, it's so cramp all around the perimeter on the JGC. On my Tacoma, I had tons of room. I decided to mount the ballasts low. There's a tab and I just bend it so the ballast is hanging behind this plastic thingy.

I start putting the headlights back into place. Then I reach and try to connect the ballasts to the bulbs..... OMG, it might not reach... LOL.:lol::slapfight: I thought I had plenty of slack, but they barely reach each other. Very close call.:thumbsup:

I secure all the grounds and put everything back in place. Didn't see any spare parts, plastic tabs, or screws. :thumbsup:

I connect the power wire to the (+) post. Get into the car to turn on the headlights. I see light, but it looks odd.... I get around and see the passenger side isn't working!!!!!! :mad: I look in the engine bay and notice I didn't secure the ground wire to that ballast. I held firm on the terminal and the passenger side lights up. :cool: So I turn off the lights and secure the terminal. I start the car to go for a test drive and see the passenger side is out again..... Turn off the car. Then just turned on the lights. Same thing. Driver side is perfect, passenger side is out.

I check the ground again and it's solid tight... I connected it to the right post on that ECU radiator or whatever it is with the OEM ground wire attached to it.

So I remove my kit's ground wire. I go turn the headlights back on and test ground spots. For some reason, if I just touch the point of the tip of the ground terminal onto metal, the passenger side will light up just fine. But whenever I would mount it, passenger side wont light up. UGH. Doesn't make any damn sense to me. So I thought maybe the wire is broken inside the terminal. Can't see, since it's insulated. So I cut that off and put a ring terminal on. Same issue. I changed grounding points. No matter what, when I secured the point, passenger just dies.

Then I remember people were having some weird polarity issues, but I didn't think that applied to me, since my driver side was working perfectly each time I turned on the lights. I just assume it was some grounding issue on my passenger side... But I gave it a try. Where the OEM headlight harness, connects to my harness, I just rotated the plug to switch polarity. Holy crap, both sides work. I was expecting the driver side to go dead or lights to start strobing. I touched the capacitor and it felt cool to the touch.

Cleaned everything up, finally ate my sandwich, went back out to make sure they still work. Both sides fire right up. Took a test drive. Looks damn good for halogen projectors.

Anyways, so wtf is the deal here. Is it really a polarity issue with my situation? I don't understand that. Doesn't make any damn sense to me.

WATacoRider 10-20-2013 10:16 PM

Re: Installed HID Kit
I want to update this. Tonight 1st my 1st night out actually driving with it and I found a couple of issues. I forgot to remove the plastic washer on the base of the bulb, so the bulb wasn't fully in. I was wondering why I could barely turn the bulb into place. Anyways, now I'm getting the shadow on the right projector. I haven't messed with the driver side yet. Ran into other issue.

Anyways, for some reason, the right side didn't light up tonight. I looked at my harness and both LEDs are out. I reversed the original plug and the LEDs light up, but passenger side still out....

I then reversed the "OEM input" plug and both side light up, but I see some flickering..... I waited about 1 min and they seem to stabilized. So I start driving about 10 ft and I see the lights are flickering some more, so I stopped and changed the plugs again.

I rotated the OEM input plug again and only driver side is light, but it looks steady at least.

I rotated the harness input and the LEDs turn off, but now both sides lit up.....


HemiFan 10-21-2013 07:40 AM

Re: Installed HID Kit
Looks good, i just let a pro install mine to afraid i will break something.

WATacoRider 10-22-2013 11:24 AM

Re: Installed HID Kit
Saga continues.

The previous night,after changing the plugs, the lights worked fine.

Well, in the morning, when I left to go to work, both sides didn't light up at all. So I just drove to work without headlights. When I got off work, I tried them again, and didn't work still. I saw the lights flash quickly since it was dark, but nada. I got under the hood again and see the LEDs on the relays are on. I rotate the OEM Input plug and now my driver side is working, but passenger still dead. I rotated the connection multiple times thinking it'll work like before, but nope. The passenger light will flash when I reconnect the plug but wont stay lit. I drove home with just the driver side. As I was pulling in, the driver side flashed, but stayed light. So I turn off the car and headlights. I was curious, so I turned on just the headlights and bam! Both sides light up. WTF?!?!?!

WATacoRider 10-23-2013 12:01 AM

Re: Installed HID Kit
Alright tonight when I got off work, I turned on the headlights 1st. Both sides lit up.... Started the car and I see the flash but they stay lit.

I got home ate dinner. Then went back outside to test. Start the car, only driver side works.

Turn car off. Turn on headlights and both sides work...


Just ordered a complete kit from XD.:slapfight:

WATacoRider 11-05-2013 12:33 AM

Re: Installed HID Kit
My passenger side lights up maybe 70-80% of the time, IF I turn on the headlights first, then start the car. But the past several days, it's been about 50%. The odd thing is, I'll drive home with just 1 headlight on. Get home and turn car off. Then turn the headlights on again and bam! Both sides light up most of the time.... :slapfight:

I received my XD Xtreme kit today. I should have bought the 3000K bulbs with it, so I could use them in my foglights right away. But I went with the 4300K Philips for backup in the headlights just in case.

Anyways, with TRS Mopar harness in place. I decided to add XD's CBFix module to the harness just to see what happens. Well, nothing happened. My passenger side was still out.

So I removed the CBFix and disconnected TRS's(Morimoto) ballast on the passenger side. I plugged XD's ballast in it's place with TRS's harness. Start vehicle and both sides light right up. I also noticed no pulsing at all from the passenger side. It would always pulse for the 1st 30secs or so whenever it does light up.

I ziptie the ballast into place for the moment and let the vehicle rest. I went back out an hr later to double check.

Start the car.
Turn on headlights......... Both sides light right up!!!!! :thumbsup:

So it looks like I just have a bad ballast from TRS. Their Mopar harness seems to work just fine. I also like having only 1 connection to the battery, just less clutter I guess.

Anyways, we'll see how TRS will handle this. I don't want to remove my bumper, just to remove their ballast. Then sent it in and wait for the replacement. Then remove the bumper again to install.:o

Once I get that taken cared of, I'm going to install the XD into the foglights. Cant wait.

WATacoRider 11-08-2013 08:24 PM

Re: Installed HID Kit
Ok, today I decided to pull out all of TRS stuff and install XD components. The past few days after I installed XD's ballast on my passenger side. My driver side with the Morimoto has been acting up too now. It will require me to turn off and on twice for it to fire up. I also noticed it was pulsing last night at the drive-thru.

Where I installed my TRS ballasts, they are at a spot where I can't get access to them, without removing the headlights. In order to remove the headlights, I have to remove the bumper. But at least I know how to remove the bumper due to my previous install, so that went pretty quickly.
Got the Morimoto ballasts out. Mounted the XD ballast with the included foam tape up in new location. I wish I had more of those 3M Dual Lock strips, but ran out. Would have liked that instead. It's like a plastic Velcro. Seems very durable and also the ballasts will be easily removable if something was to go wrong.
On the passenger side, I was able to mount it where I wanted. I do need to find a small bolt to give it some extra holding power. The opening you see on the ballast, also has an opening on that panel.
I couldn't do the same there on the driver side. There was a harness in the way. Found a nice flat spot on the frame or crumple zone. Whatever you call it. Only thing I don't like about that spot is how visible the ballast is.

With the XD kit, they come with "Cancellers". As stated, I do want this to be somewhat serviceable without having to remove the bumper again. So I mounted the unit directly on the side of the headlights, where I can still grab it from up top. I used the Dual Locks I was talking about. Same location for both sides.

I also trimmed the bulb base,so I could rotate the bulb into the proper location. This way, I wouldn't have a shadow on my beam.
For some reason, I now have this bluish hotspot on the passenger side. Not sure wtf that's all about. Wasn't there before. But other than that, this kit seems to be working much better than the Morimotos. I am still using Morimoto XB35 bulbs though. They are 5000K. I have my XD 4300K as backup.

For some reason, XD's harness is the same length for both sides. Once would think to make 1 side longer. Always, I had to extend the length of the driver side harness. Maybe 3' or so. I ran that wire across the firewall. Also, the battery terminal ring is too small for our vehicle. I attempted to enlarge the ring with a step bit, but damaged it and my finger....:eek::lol::o. So I just cut it off and used my heatshrink ring version.

I'm not a big fan of these type of fuse holder too. I may cut them off and use the sealed version instead. Speaking of which, I find it odd that the harness comes with a 30 AMP fuse. Wouldn't it be safer to use a lower fuse? Since these ballasts draw less than 5 Amps at startup. I'm thinking a 10 Amp fuse will be plenty.... I'll rather blow a fuse than burn down the wiring/vehicle.

Anyways, the setup seems to work great so far, besides that weird hotspot. Both sides light right up. They do take longer to turn off though. I think it took about 5 secs for them to power off. Scared me for a sec. The Morimoto harness took about 2 secs or so.

I need to get more of the 3M Dual Locks and secure that box on the bulb wires. I just have them zipped up into place at the moment.

Also, I didn't have to change any of the polarity on the plugs. Everything was lined up perfectly for me.

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