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tomaco 10-24-2013 08:07 PM

my2014 GC diesel overheating?
Did anyone got that coolant temperature goes to the last white column on the gauge? is it overheating?

My diesel laredo grand cherokee just one week old, and 2 problems are found.
1. One side hot and one side cold with aircon on, but it seems it is a common problem.
2. The engine has a burning smell when i am moving on a traffic jam, and the coolant temperature goes high with aircon off, but the coolant temperature goes down to middle of second whit column from third column with aircon on. It seems the cooling fan of the engine is not on even when it is burning smell when aircon off. The temperature outside just 26 degrees

I took it back to dealer and the problem 1 had been fixed. but problem 2 still there and they said there is not problem, they said it is normal and the cooling fan will kick on at 106 degrees.

But 106 degree should be steam, not water. NISSAN AND VW told me that their cooling fan should start at 90 degrees.

Gustlock 02-06-2014 08:54 PM

Re: my2014 GC diesel overheating?
Late reply but are having the same problem when towing. Temp guage rose to the white line just below the amber/red scale and transmission temp was 97deg C. Van was unloaded (2300kg) and only a very moderate climb for 25km up the hills just out of Perth on a 29deg C day. Stayed mostly in 7th, sometimes 8th gear between 1400 and 1800rpm and DRIVE selected, so was doing it easy. Had to back off from just under 90kph to under 80kph about 3/4 the way up to keep the temp to still just above normal position. Have towed my boat weighing 2000kg Perth to Mandurah about 80km, flat country sitting on about 95kph most of the time and temp rises to the full white bar above normal. Been told this is NORMAL by Jeep AU as the bells and whistles didn't activate. GO FIGURE this vehicle is supposedly able to tow 3500kg.
IN THEIR DREAMS!! At the dealers with this problem and finally getting cruise fixed and updates for other issues.

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