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ahamay115 10-25-2013 11:55 AM

HVAC intermittent issues - works then doesn't work
Hey guys, I have been searching for a while on this issue and cannot seem to located any direct information on it, so please forgive me if there is something that I have missed.

I have a 2006 Overland and this past summer I was experiencing on random occasions where the ac would not blow at all. It didn't matter at what setting it was set to, whether set to Auto or even manually turning on the fan at any speed; it would not blow any air.

Then all of a sudden after several minutes, always random, it would come on full blast and cool the car down and work perfect.

It is completely random when it does work and when it doesn't and the length of time for it to start blowing is completely at random as well.

I have now experienced where this issue has now trickled into the heating as well, as I found out on my 35 drive to work earlier this week :(

I had taken the Jeep to a local shop that was offering a free ac inspection towards the end of the summer and had it checked out. Of course, at that time everything was working perfectly and they noted that the system was working as it should be.

They also noted that something was loose and the technician "plugged" it back in, but it may come out again. When I left the shop everything worked perfect, as it should, for over 3 weeks.

Now, had I been thinking, I would have asked them to show me exactly what this was that he had to plug in, but I didn't ask and they now do not remember, and of course they are not offering a free check anymore.

Does anyone have any idea what it could be that is causing this issue? The summer was not so bad, as you would sweat a little before being cooled down, but that isn't gonna work as well in the wintertime.

Are there any "plugs" that would be easily accessible to the control unit that could quickly be checked?

Sorry for the long post! I appreciate any and all help!!


ahamay115 10-26-2013 03:25 PM

No one else has ever experienced this? :/

Frango100 10-26-2013 07:38 PM

Re: HVAC intermittent issues - works then doesn't work
Not familiar with the WK, but check the connector on the blower motor, which is probably visible looking up from the passengers footwell. There is probably a controller or resistor pack close to it, so check that connector as well. On the WJ those connectors are known to give bad contact and finally melt.

ahamay115 11-08-2013 07:50 AM

Re: HVAC intermittent issues - works then doesn't work
Small Update:

I opened up the glove box, but couldn't figure out how to completely remove it and didn't want to pull on it until I was sure that is the correct removal procedure.

But, I am able to see the blower motor control module (Full Auto HVAC) and everything looks to be correct. I cannot see anything that appears to be loose or unplugged.

I have noticed lately that the system will not work upon first startup, but it seems that hitting a 'sizable' bump in the road will all of the sudden kick the system on!

I'll keep updating this thread as I experience new things and troubleshoot the system, but as always any input is greatly appreciated!!


croth 11-18-2013 06:45 AM

Re: HVAC intermittent issues - works then doesn't work
I was having a similar problem with my '05, but I have manual A/C.

After changing the resistor pack several times, my fan would also cut in and out when I went over a good bump.

Finally figured out it was the connection to the resistor pack. Changed out the connector and it took care of the problem.

Hope this helps!


ahamay115 11-19-2013 06:16 AM

Re: HVAC intermittent issues - works then doesn't work
I'm at a loss right now on this one...

I finally broke down and bought a new blower motor power module for the auto hvac. [HAF] part #: RL885482AC in case anyone else needs it.

But of course, the system has been working perfectly all week!! I cannot explain it at this point. I am going to pull the glove box off again and check the wiring harness visually and with a multimeter to see if there is something hocky going on there.

I'll continue to update as I find more!!

Thanks guys!

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