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spinxt 10-27-2013 05:17 PM

Mopar Skid Plate install experience
I decided to install my MOPAR skid plates on my 2011 Overland this weekend. Here are some notes from the experience.

1) The job was easier than I anticipated. If your skeptical, I'd say go for it. It takes only basic hand tools (13mm, 15mm, 16mm sockets), a floor jack, and ramps.

2) Pulling the rear wheels of the truck on ramps in ORI (QuadraLift) gave ample room to get the fuel tank skid plates in place

3) A floor jack and second set of hands is a recommendation for the fuel tank skids. After removing the 3 bolts holding each tank, place the skid plate on a floor jack. Have one person jack it up while the other guides it into place and re-installs the 3 bolts.

4) The skid plates provide decent protection, but there are some weaknesses:

- I don't understand why MOPAR would design a 5-piece skid plate system and not have a steep plate for the transmission. The plastic one isn't going to do crap if it takes a direct hit

-Of the 5 piece set, I think the transfer case skid plate is a weak link. In the rear of the passenger side, it's not mounted to anything solid (just kind of hangs over in open space). If you took a hit in that corner, it would fold right into the transfer case. Again the engineering here does't make enough sense. If it was extended just a ` little bit, it could be fastened to an open bolt hole on the passenger side along the body.

Bart Man 10-27-2013 07:58 PM

Re: Mopar Skid Plate install experience
Thanks for your input ! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

eibyer 11-04-2013 08:35 AM

Re: Mopar Skid Plate install experience
I just got done with this over the weekend. It is a nice DIY job and I agree that a second set of a hands would make things go smoother, oh yeah, and proper tools. I have a basic set of socket wrench and ran into a little hiccup when I noticed my sockets skipped the 15mm, why?!? Ended up having to drive to the local auto parts to buy a 15mm socket. I could have used a longer socket extension also :)

The instructions for the fuel skid shows removing a 13mm bolt... did not find that one at all. I spent minutes looking for the stupid thing all around the fuel tank area.

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