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JMG19007 11-05-2013 11:50 AM

Laredo electrical trouble
Gentlemen, This is my first post, apologies if it is in the wrong forum...

My 2001 Laredo has an electrical problem. It started with a failure to start first time problem. It acted as thought the electrical system had to "charge up". When turning the key to start nothing would happen. The odometer would be unlit. Leaving the key at run for three seconds the odometer would be lit and starting was perfect. This went on for weeks. I swapped some relays and it made it somewhat better. Now, the transmission console does not light with the headlamps and the reverse lamps almost always don't work.

The transmission was serviced about a year ago with new solenoids and a pressure regulator. If I could find the Neutral safety switch I could test it...jim

Frango100 11-06-2013 06:08 PM

Re: Laredo electrical trouble
Welcome to the garage.
That you say solenoids and pressure regulator i presume that you have the 42RE transmission?
The park/neutral safety switch on that tranny is mounted on the outside of the housing, just above the oil pan. The central pin is for the starter circuit and the outer terminals are for the reverse lights. Maybe a bad ground?
That it didn't start and only did after some seconds and the instrument lights didn't come on seems to be a problem with the ignition switch itself, or maybe also a bad ground. I would check all the ground wires in the engine bay and see if there is no signs of corrosion or alike.

JMG19007 11-06-2013 11:32 PM

Re: Laredo electrical trouble
Frank, thanks for the information on the switch, I'll check it in the daylight. I got a price for the relays, at $20 each I'm being selective in which ones I replace. When I swapped the A/C relay for the start relay things got better. It only fails to crank maybe once a week now. But even then it starts a few seconds later with no problems... all the wires and stuff are really clean, looks real good under hood for 124,000 miles. PA inspection is coming up soon and I want to fix the lights for sure... jim

Frango100 11-07-2013 06:09 AM

Re: Laredo electrical trouble
Maybe that i could get you a picture from the manual this afternoon which shows the location of the switch. Because this switch is used for park/neutral sense and the backup lights, it could well be your problem. Won't expect a relay, since you already swapped it.

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