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JeepMe 11-05-2013 08:17 PM

Changing 4.0 Main Seal
I've done some searching and read the Haynes manual. It seems pretty straight forward from what I read online. Basically jack up car by frame as much as possible, remove the starter, oil pan, main cap, and then main seal. However, the Haynes manual tells you to disconnect the exhaust, remove flywheel inspection cover, remove motor mount bolt, and jack up side of motor to get clearance to remove oil pan. I'm hoping I don't have to jack up the motor.

Anyone done this on their WJ (not on a XJ or other vehicle)? If so, am I going to have to jack up the motor or will letting the front axle hang down give me enough clearance?

Any hints or tips that might be helpful for the coming weekend. I plan on getting the oil pan removed Friday evening and then going to replace the main seal Saturday morning. The idea is that giving it over night will let most of the oil drip onto some cardboard and not onto me while working

JeepMe 11-08-2013 07:29 PM

Re: Changing 4.0 Main Seal
OK, I'll answer my own question for removing the oil pan. There was only one bad part about the whole thing.

There's a rubber/metal half moon bracket thing. It's attached to the back side of the oil pan right next to the transmission. I don't know how they put that damn thing on there, but it was a bitch to get off. The bolt head is partially covered up with the stiff rubber and you cannot get a socket on it at all. I was BARELY able to get a box end wrench on the bolt and give it a 1/16 of a turn. Then I had to get on it from the top and SLOWLY turn it. I'm not sure what is the purpose of the metal piece, but I'm considering not putting it back on. I don't know if I can actually get them back in place with the rubber piece (let alone torque them to spec).

Aside from that bracket, everything else was accessible with a deep well socket, a couple extensions, and a universal. I simply jacket up the frame as much as possible, set on jack stands, and let the front axle hang down. After all the oil pan bolts were removed, it came right off and slid out towards the back of the motor without any clearance issues.

Tomorrow I'll replace the rear main seal and reinstall the oil pan.

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