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fugawi 11-06-2013 09:08 AM

SRT Ride Quality and Comfort
Can you please share thoughts on SRT ride quality and comfort? I've read in a couple of places it can be a bit too stiff.

As daily driver for 1/2 hour commute?

On 3-4 hour road trips?

I am also considering BWM X5 5.0, primarily for better ride quality, but really would prefer the Jeep brand.

Thank you.

Blakey 11-06-2013 09:55 AM

I guess it really depends.
I find my SRT is a little stiff, but doesn't bother me on good quality roads.
I do find it very stiff even in AUTO mode when negotiating speed humps etc
I think this is a personal thing.
I would advise taking one for a test drive and try and find a shopping centre car park where you can test it on driveways and speed humps.

phillysrt 11-06-2013 10:00 AM

Re: SRT Ride Quality and Comfort
i absolutely love the ride quality. the seats are comfy and the ride is smooth. put it in track mode the ride changes completely.. but if your in auto mode...ride comfort is awesome...

jbjones85 11-06-2013 10:25 AM

I don't have mine yet I can't comment 100% on this but I did do several extended test drives before ordering mine and I would say that on auto setting it is a firm sporty ride and in track mode it is quite stiff intended for the track or very good roads.

In a nutshell if you like a sporty ride it will be fine if you want a smooth lexus like ride then probably not going to be happy. Best bet is to take one for a test drive in a similar situation to what you would be doing on a regular basis.

Scottina06 11-06-2013 11:24 AM

Re: SRT Ride Quality and Comfort
I can compare my 14 jeep SRT to a pure luxury vehicle. My wife has a naudi a7 and in auto...the ride IMHO is just as good as that car in auto setting. Maybe its the runflats,....which my jeeps doesn't have> Or maybe the roads in your area? Do you guys want it to ride like a lexus 460L? Its a high performance SUV

fugawi 11-06-2013 11:47 AM

Re: SRT Ride Quality and Comfort
Thank you for insight. Not looking for Lexus 460 - have driven that and too soft. However, also don't want BMW 135 with runflat feel - that was fast and fun but like a buckboard and not so great for roadtrips.

Your description of similar to your Audi A7 on auto sounds good.

Appreciate the insight of those of you who have driven it for awhile. I've done a test drive and it's hard to be objective on the ride quality when you are smiling from ear to ear due to the acceleration :-)

JohnS 11-06-2013 12:41 PM

Re: SRT Ride Quality and Comfort
A couple of thoughts;

If you're looking a for ride quality in a Jeep, I suggest you look at an Overland or Summit with the air bag suspension. IMHO, my 2011 Overland with the air suspension had the best ride of any Jeep that I've driven. The SRT Jeep GC is a performance vehicle and has a stiff performance suspension. I've driven my '12 SRT8 now with both run flats and non-run flats. The non-run flats definitely provide the more comfortable ride.

Scottina06 11-06-2013 12:42 PM true

A-kon 11-06-2013 02:23 PM

Re: SRT Ride Quality and Comfort

Originally Posted by Scottina06 (Post 925060)
Its a high performance SUV

Exactly. If you are very concerned about ride quality look elsewhere. It is stiff compared to the Overland. It's not Viper beat the hell out of you (which I like), but it is without a doubt more firm and bumpy that your non-performance SUVs. I love the way it handles, if it was any softer I'd lose faith in its capability.

countrygirl 11-07-2013 09:38 AM

Re: SRT Ride Quality and Comfort
I really worried about this as I tend to like a softer ride….

I agree with the previous posts, drive it and see what you think. It is pretty subjective after all!

I ended up really liking the ride of the SRT, much more than my previous vehicles. I do keep it on "auto" because the sport is quite stiff for me. And the "auto" is stiffer (but also more responsive) than the 14 Overland I traded. Before the Overland I was in a 2012 QX56 so the SRT ride/handling is like night and day with the QX.

And I LOVE it!

You cannot pry me out of the SRT now….I find more and more "errands" I need to do. Usually across town ;)

fugawi 11-07-2013 06:11 PM

Re: SRT Ride Quality and Comfort
Thanks again for the replies.

I have a Limited 4x4 with QL Air suspension now and it's ride is pretty nice.

I test drove the SRT again today in auto and it seems pretty comfortable. I tried the parking lot and speed bump test recommended above and it didn't seem too much stiffer than my other cars.

Faustus 11-07-2013 09:14 PM

Having driven mainly European cars I am used to "stiff". It is all relative - I am in my 50s and run my SRT '13 with 40 psi instead of in the low 30s as recommended. Out roads here are not all perfectly flat - with potholes and repairs. Never the less I think it is in the same neighborhood as my Mercedes S or C Class. My wife's VW R32 is harder sprung! I drive it for up to 10h at a time and the seats are very good and supportive. Also I am only using the "stiff" Pirellis. That is my take :)

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