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Peter_K 11-09-2013 11:00 PM

2014 Hemi oil/coolant temps
I think this has been mentioned before but I just wanted to get a little fresh input. I've noticed that the oil temp on my 2014 hemi seems rather high, at least from all my past experience. Once the vehicle is warmed up, 220-230 is common in just average driving and 250-260 is common if even slightly "spirited" is in a lot of start-stop situations. And this is with the outside temp in the 50s and 60s. I'd hate to see what it'll be like when the outside temp is in the 90s or 100s over the summer. I'm just wondering if others are seeing the same thing or similar.

I'm also wondering about the coolant temp. In stop and go traffic mine likes to climb up at bit (fairly rapidly), then the fan kicks on and it drops again, but cycles this way quite a bit. It's not that it's climbing that bothers does seem that without the A/C on the PCM programming is to leave the fan off completely until it gets a bit's that it's a significant climb--the gauge is broken into 4 parts and it climbs another 4th up. My last several vehicles barely registered a change on the temp gauge under any circumstances so I'm just curious if in these they show a bit more change.

TurboRush 11-10-2013 08:38 AM

I see about the same temps on my hemi as well. At cruise I'll be right above the first 1/4 line and will go as high as the middle in stop and go traffic at which point the fan comes on and it drops rapidly.

I was told several years ago that modem temperature gauges are specifically programmed to react slowly to prevent drivers from being concerned about a temp fluctuations. Essentially they only exist to tell you when you're over heating, middle is no real indication other than its operating within spec. The gauge in my Acura never moved a centimeter from the center, did I really think it never changed temp in 100 degree dead stop? Absolutely not, who knows how much it was varying.

I appreciate the honest gauge in the GC, very helpful in towing climbing situations.

Peter_K 11-10-2013 12:15 PM

I more or less figured the coolant temp thing was my being used to others that may not show the temp in "real time." I remember Jeep did something like that around 2002-2003 with the GC (last time I had one). Apparently people were complaining about seeing the temp rise so they changed the design to only move in large steps. So most of the time it never moved after it reached operating temp.

The oil temp thing though...hmm. I'm old school there and prefer to see 220 as a max, especially with lighter-weight oils. Seeing 220-230 as average and 240-260 not uncommon with a load (especially with 50-60 outside temps) makes me a bit nervous. Are you seeing the same there as well?

TurboRush 11-11-2013 03:24 PM

I can't comment on towing at the moment, but I did a 3.5hr drive today with some hills and was usually in the 215 to 220 range with an outside temp of 32.

TomHaxell 09-03-2014 09:56 AM

Re: 2014 Hemi oil/coolant temps
Hi Chaps,

My 2014 Grand Cherokee with 5.7 L runs around 220 F on normal driving but jumps up very quickly in temperature with any acceleration. A few months back, in 75 F weather, I was towing a travel trailer and on the flat, it was at 230 - 235 but I saw 265 F on a long gradient. The coolant temperature didn't appear to move the needle at all. Not sure if the oil was overheated but certainly nothing was flashing red or anything on that screen. The oil temperature dropped pretty quickly back to 230 on cresting the hill. I did feel glad I had fully synthetic oil in it.


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