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555ctsv 02-21-2010 04:45 PM

O2 Sensor Plug Order
Hey guys. Fingers crossed my transmission is finally done. I had an engine light come on and the Trinity says its back 2 running lean i thing? I didnt have any lights before, so my guess is on the passenger side of the tranny there's 3 O2 sensors. It looks to me like the transmission shop may have plugged the sensors in incorrectly.

I have the WK technical PDF file but all the wiring diagrams, are, well,,,, drawn in diagrams! lol I need to know which plug goes where. From what i can see there is an O2 sensor connector paired up in the same harness as the transmission pressure sensor. On mine that is plugged into the rear drivers side exhaust pipe. Is that right? I'll try to snap some pics ;)

Escape 02-21-2010 07:08 PM

Re: O2 Sensor Plug Order
Snap some pics and I'll let you know if they are plugged in correctly. They are a real PIA to get unplugged.

Can you check what your long term and short term fuel trims are and if you are getting any knock retard with the Trinity? If so see what it says. Bank 1 is drivers side, Bank 2 is passengers. The pre-cat O2's tell the pcm how to adjust fuel delivery. The post-cat O2's tell if your cats are working properly. If they switched them around becareful as your fuel ratio is wrong and could be harmful to your engine.

555ctsv 02-21-2010 07:14 PM

Re: O2 Sensor Plug Order
I switched them and im pretty sure theyre correct now. The brackets/snaps that hold the female side of the plug were removed so he could repair a splice on the pressure sensor, otherwise it'd be pretty obvious. Im waiting for my led wand to recharge, hopefully everything will show up in he pics.

I dont know if the trinity shows the fuel trim, i'll play with it some more. But yea when i saw it say lean i figured i'd take it pretty easy. All that's left is fixing this and then the tune!

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