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JDB636 11-18-2013 01:38 PM

Line out converter install pre/post amp
So after researching for days I have come up with answers supporting both pre amp and post amp LOC installs. Most people are saying to hook up the LOC on the factory sub line after the factory amp which does make sense until you really think about it. Just hear me out, if you have a high quality aftermarket sub and amp it would make sense to me to grab the signal BEFORE the factory amp due to the signal going out to the factory sub being filtered for the cheap stock sub. I want my aftermarket amp to do the filtering so I can tune my amp the way I want it. When I had the system installed the LOC was placed in the sub line after the amp and honestly it sounded like garbage, very bottom heavy and no punch which is exactly how the stock sub sounds, good for stock but no good for quality aftermarket stuff. I guess what I am really after is any advice for or against my theory. I have a lot of experience installing and tuning stereo equipment so please don't suggest that that could be my probłem because I can respectfully assure you that it's not. My aftermarket equipment consists of 1 JL W6v3, 1 JL XD1000/1v2, and a PAC LOC. thanks in advance guys!!!

kkreit01 11-19-2013 09:17 AM

Re: Line out converter install pre/post amp
If you have the Alpine system, and install LOC before the factory amp, you lose control of your signal (which my not be a huge impact if installing sub only). The processing (bass/treble/mid EQ) is done at the OE amp. I'd also recommend an AudioControl LOC before the PAC unit. If you ever want to start replacing your speakers, you'll need an AudioControl LC6i at minimum. If you only plan to use an aftermarket sub, and leave everything else alone, and LC2i works great.

JDB636 11-19-2013 09:42 AM

Re: Line out converter install pre/post amp
I just found this product Product Details | iPod Integration for your car and More by Pac-Audio - Connecting you to the future
Seems that this might be the "correct" way to get a full range signal that hasn't been crossed over. What do ya think?

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