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Black93fiveO 11-21-2013 03:40 PM

Installing JBL MS-8 in 2014 JGC Overland
I decided to upgrade the audio in my 2014 Overland. I want to start by adding the JBL MS-8 I have left over from my old Raptor. I think I have the wiring for the speakers correct but i'm not sure where to pull the remote turn on wire for the MS-8 from the factory amp. I want the MS-8 to turn on all the other amps first to avoid the popping noise you can get. I want the MS-8 hidden and out of the way of anything. Does anyone know of a good place to mount the MS-8 and a JL XD700/5 amp? Has anyone installed a summing device or DSP yet with the alpine system? I am wondering if there are any issues with the navigation voice and phone calls. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Rich Lee 11-29-2013 02:23 PM

I'm curious about this too.

Looking at getting an MS-8. Want to see how others have installed/mounted it and if Phone audio over Bluetooth is affected.

1stJeepGC 11-29-2013 04:18 PM

Re: Installing JBL MS-8 in 2014 JGC Overland

In my 2011 JGC, I have install the MS-8 in order to have the Logic 7 running. If you look at my pictures under my profile you will see that I mounted my equipment to the back of the rear seat (the ms-8 is on the right). I am using a direct path from my aftermarket radio to the MS-8. Make sure when you sum the channels it is It is important that you get the sub-woofer, mid-bass / midrange and tweeters going into the MS-8 LOC. Keeping the unit in the rear makes it easy to tap into the factory amp on the left side.

The MS-8 does not have a direct connection for a bluetooth. However, via the RCA aux input, you can get a bluetooth dongle receiver for receiving the audio streaming.

For those who never used the MS-8 or had experience in some sort of sound engineering, it does take sometime to get used to it and tune your system. If you have set up an home theater system, then you find the learning curve
quicker. On tip, if have problems figuring out the crossover setting for an active system, call your speaker tech support, they will tell you.

Best for now and happy holidays :)

jer9969 07-20-2014 04:11 PM

Re: Installing JBL MS-8 in 2014 JGC Overland
I'm new to this forum thing, and i don't know if I should be starting a new thread or post or what. So sorry if I'm jumping this post. But I had a question regarding the MS-8 and using my factory head unit.

I just purchased a 2012 JGC laredo that has the very stock and modest 6 speaker system and Uconnect/steering wheel controls. Overtime I would like to build up the system, however I'm getting hitched and have limited cash to do it all at once

What I would like to accomplish:
Better SQ at higher volume. Maintain the Uconnect and steering wheel control through the stock system.

The Plan:
1) MS-8 from factory deck.
2) morel tempo 6 or focal ps165, powered by ms8
3) rear door coaxials, powered by ms8

Future Plan:
1) Front doors 3 way (peerless 6 1/2 woofer, fountek 3 mid/full, sb acoustic tweeter) i have used the woofer and tweeter in a passive set up before and loved it. And I bought the mids a long time ago but have never used them. I'd love to finally have a nice front sound stage. Powered by a massive audio nx5 or pdx-v9 (unless there are other recommendations)
2) Coaxial powered by ms8
3) Stereo integrity MbkIII or Image Dynamics12V3D2 subwoofer In custom enclosure

I'd sure appreciate any feedback or thoughts. Especially in regard to the MS-8 and if I will be able to maintain the connectivity of the Uconnect

1stJeepGC 07-20-2014 05:47 PM

Re: Installing JBL MS-8 in 2014 JGC Overland

Welcome to the forum and enjoy your 2012 JGC. But, most of all congratulations on your forth coming hitching.:thumbsup:

Let me be quite frank with the JBL MS-8. This weekend I have experienced problems with it again. This is my 2nd unit from HK. The first one, had a problem that produced a processor error that did not let me finish the initial setup. Now recently, I am loosing channels. I did a complete reinstall and now I missing my rear D pillar speakers. I will speak with tech support on Monday for any insight to fix it on my end or it has to go back for a repair or a 3rd unit. HK is not the same company that it used to be. Plan B, I am looking seriously into the Alpine PXA-800 again.

Now on to your MS-8 questions:

The best way for a SQ is to use an aftermarket HU and directly into the MS-8. However, coming out of the factory amp into the MS-8 LOC will give you a very good improvement. Just tap the sub, front door 6x9 and tweeter. Just remember, the amp in the MS-8 is not designed to push a lot power, therefore, make sure you get speakers that have a high efficiency ratings.

With regards to your future plans, very nice selection. The PDX-V9 5 channel is a nice amp. The negative feedback on it comes from not hitting fast enough on some midrange frequencies for certain speakers. The JL Audio has the edge in that area. Look into the new XD 1000/5 v2.

Since, you do not have a surround system in your JGC, I would consider looking at other DSP's. throwing in another 2 channel amp to drive the rear door is not that much and it will be a better sound quality. In addition, you can setup the rear door in a band-pass xover filter and have excellent control in tuning the rear.

Hope this helps.

Best for now.:)

1stJeepGC 07-24-2014 10:05 AM

Re: Installing JBL MS-8 in 2014 JGC Overland

Quick update, HK is sending me out a new MS-8.

Best for now.:)

1stJeepGC 08-16-2014 08:31 AM

Re: Installing JBL MS-8 in 2014 JGC Overland

I just put the new MS-8 in about 10 days ago and I am happy to say that everything is back to par. The customer support from Harman (I still think of them as HK) has definitely improved. For technical support, it is a matter who get in Level 1 support and how fast they realize you need to bumped up to Level 2 were you get outstanding assistance.

Best for now.:)

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