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natalie starkweather 11-26-2013 07:13 AM

Help -
Hi - I have a 1999 Grand Cherokee w/ some issues- first my battery was dead yesterday and I charged it - it started but was sputtering and wouldn't stay running - put in dry gas - got it going enough to drive it around the Block and it died again - right front floor appears wet and smells like antifreeze and appears to be also leaking out around radiator cap itself now - sound like heater core ??

Frango100 11-27-2013 06:43 PM

Re: Help -
Welcome to the garage.
When you put a new battery in after the other went dead, it can happen that the PCM has to relearn the idle settings. Try to keep the engine running using the accelerator (while standing still), until it heats up. Normally it will be ok then Do you know why the battery was dead? A bad alternator could cause the engine problem and tje dead battery. Check battery voltage with engine off, should be around 12.7V with full battery. Then start the engine and see of the voltage went up to 13.5-14.5V . If it didn't change, you probably have a bad alternator. You could remove the alternator lead (with engine off and isolate the lead to not cause a short) Now testdrive and see if the engine runs ok..
Wet floor and anti freeze smell is most probably the heater core. Whole dash needs to be removed, to get the HVAC housing out.
The leak at the radiator cap is most probably the cap itself.

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