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Pagetta 11-30-2013 09:53 PM

Tire/Rim Options
Hi all, I'm new the forum, I've been lurking for a few months and just decided to register. I have a few questions after doing some research, hopefully someone her can be of assistance.

I own an 08 GC 100% stock. Currently I have a set of 245/60/18 which is an awkward tire size according to my tire search. Anyway, I found a great deal on a brand new set of 2013 Wrangler wheels 255/75/17 and my questions are:

1. Will the spare wheel/tire fit in my spare tire well?

2. I've read of people having issues with their cruise control (which I use often) and transmission shifting when using a larger size tire. Should I be worried about this happening? Or are there other factors involved other than the tire size.

3. I want to avoid using wheel spacers, however, I wouldn't be opposed to getting a budget boost lift kit. If I grind the caliper down and put a 2" lift on it will I be good to go without rubbing? What are my options here? Ideally I would leave it at stock height in order to avoid extra costs but i'll do it if I need to.

4. The wheels I'm looking at come with GoodYear Wrangler tires. Are they a comfortable ride and do they have excessive road noise? (I've read mixed reviews on tire websites but some people who write on those websites are picky as hell so I thought i'd ask her for a second opinion).

Extra information:

*I will not be doing the work myself, I'm just not mechanically inclined.
*My budget is roughly $1500 (Wheel & tire $800)
*I live in Canada (prices are slightly higher here)
*I do not plan on doing any major off roading but I do hit up some light trails near the cottage every so often.

Thanks everyone in advance for your expertise and knowledge.

Jeepforthewin 11-30-2013 10:49 PM

1. A 255/75 won't generally fit in the spare wheel well unless you trim the back of the hitch (if you have one) and the bolts for it. Even then some people can't. Most people can usually fit a 265/70 under there and that's about as big as you can get.

2. I have never heard of anyone having problems with cruise control after bigger tires. I've been running 265/70's for over a year now with no cruise control problems or tranny problems.

3. With that size tire you will need atleast a 2" lift. As for the spacers the problem isn't with rubbing the caliper is with the tire contacting the bolt on the UCA's. most people I know running wrangler rims need them but they usually run 265/70's which is a wider tire than 255/75 so you may not need them, will just have to do a test for and see if it runs the bolt or not.

4. I have never ran these tires but have heard good things about them!

Pagetta 12-04-2013 03:11 PM

Re: Tire/Rim Options
Thank you for your detailed response.

I think i'm going to pass on the lift + other mods i'd have to do in order to get these to fit.

Does anyone know if I can put standard 245/65/17 rubber on the JK rims? Will they fit my 08 WK? I guess this is a really dumb question since I couldn't find anything in my search.

Thanks again!

bobharly 12-08-2013 01:05 AM

Re: Tire/Rim Options

Also read the links within this linked thread. This site has all the answers to your questions, you've just got to learn how search for them.

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