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rosica 12-01-2013 03:00 PM

Towing 5000lb with long arm 4" lift kit?
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I just bought a '03 Overland (with UC and tow pkg) to tow my s2000, about 5000 lbs gross with trailer. I plan to get Addco rear sway bar, weight distribution hitch and a quality brake controller.

I also bought the truck to go wheeling, so I want to lift it. After doing research, by the time I buy a 2-3" lift kit and all new control arms, from an investment standpoint I might as well get the Rough Country 4" Long Arm kit.

My question, how safe is towing with a 4" Long Arm kit? Is the high cg a problem? Are the springs softer? Aftermarket suspension mounting points a concern? Should I get the new mounting point brackets welded?

4.0_4x4 12-17-2013 01:05 PM

I tow a 400 lb trailer about once a week with my Budget Boosted WJ with few problems. Your back end will most definitely sag but that's nothing airbags won't fix. With your setup you shouldn't have any problem. Just be gentle going over bumps so you don't bottom her out too much because I can tell you from experience your bumpstops will begin to crush then you have problem with the exhaust rubbing on your brake line and abs line. I ended up putting extended bumpstops in the back and that fixed my problem. The second issue I ran into was my steering was sloppy when I was towing so I upgraded my steering stabilizer to a rough country stabilizer then added a second one from Kevins Offroad and put a Rough Country stabilizer to that one as well. The steering has improved quite a bit from that. The only real way to make sure is to tow a good 100 miles then get under and check the lift components and undercarriage very well and make sure all your bolts are still in torque. If all is well tow another 500 miles then take it to a ASE mechanic and get him to ok everything. After that you should be good just keep an eye on the lift components. After a while though your rear springs will begin to squat and you will want to replace them. A way around this is to use In Coil Airbags when you tow.

cheapjeep 12-19-2013 01:43 AM

Re: Towing 5000lb with long arm 4" lift kit?
You'll be just fine with a properly set up weight distribution hitch.Dont worry about bumpstops ,you'll never come close to them. The RC mounts are pretty stout,you'll see.I tow a camper alot in the summer months.Also the Addco is your best friend towing and cornering but your worst enemy when wheeling because it all but eliminates any useable flex back there so keep your spaghetti bar to throw on there for a wheeling trip.I can change mine in 10 minutes now:lol:

This is why an Addco is no good for wheeling:

This was still with the short arm setup but this is the proper stance your looking for when you set up a w/d hitch. It has way better manners now with the L/A setup.

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