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2014Laredo 12-05-2013 10:02 AM

2014 Laredo Upgrades
Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, I was on another Cherokee Forum but I think it seemed like it was dead and this forum seems a lot more active... and the overall look of this forum looks better anyways, I can't stand the cheap looking forums.

Anyways.... my girlfriend has a 2014 Stone White Laredo, I'm proud of her she purchased it by herself and I know she loves driving it, but anytime she sees the Limited or SRT she goes crazy and says she hates her grand cherokee, we've even been to some dodge dealerships to test drive Durangos because she wants better rims and LEDs.

I think I am going to start with the rims which I know I can go get replicas and tires and that would please her appetite so that is first on the list and an easy fix.

Second is trying to get rid of the chrome insert on grill. I know she wants it black but is this something I can purchase OEM from one of the other models of Grand Cherokees or is this something I would need to get done custom like from a powdercoater? I'm buying looking on the Mopar website looking at diagrams for the front bumper of the SRT would I need to go to the same place to look for the black grill? I didn't see anything when I looked which is why I am curious if I'm looking in the right places. I've searched a bit and did come across the blackops auto works website looking for the carbon fiber grill because I think would work to create a black and white look. But I didn't see anything for the 2014 year.

From my reading and searching around, the LED headlights are not a quick conversion, is that correct?

I was thinking I could just order the LED headlights from the dealer and then swap out, but it looks like there needs to be some wiring done first, how complicated is it. I've done it before on other vehicles so I know the headaches with wiring but if it has been done and there isn't real issues with it then I'll do it.

schandna01 12-05-2013 12:18 PM

Re: 2014 Laredo Upgrades
You are talking about some pretty expensive upgrades.. You can get the Overland wheels on Amazon for about a grand (not including tires). As far as the headlights, yes - LED headlights do require a custom harness, and that gets pricy as well. If you wanted the headlights like some of the higher trim models, well that gets super pricy.

I have a '14 Laredo too, and I'm a huge fan of how it looks over the Limited. For one, it has the painted mirrors and door handles. I never liked the look of the chrome handles or mirrors. Now the SRT is on a different playing field, so don't compare the Laredo to that.

A good place to start is the front bumper chrome insert. Costs less than $30 from the dealer (may have to order it), and takes a little bit of time to put it on, but it looks really good. It is what the Limited's have on their front bumpers. Makes a difference for sure.

Tell your girlfriend to enjoy what she has. She spent way too much on a truck to not love everything about it. But, I do applaud you on wanting to helping her change some of the things she does want to change about it..

2014Laredo 12-05-2013 12:44 PM

Re: 2014 Laredo Upgrades
I kind of suspected that the LED headlights would be pretty crazy, and I'm assuming not enough people have done it where there would be a DIY available for it but that is okay the other upgrades will help.

I think I am going to order the gloss black WK1 SRT wheels and look for some pink lug nuts for her, they seem universal and are relatively inexpensive. The WK1 SRT replicas and tires is about 1600 which is actually pretty good.

I am sorry to confuse about the grill insert from this picture I am looking to either find a carbon fiber insert or gloss black insert to replace this front fascia like this picture:

Colby 12-14-2013 12:31 AM

Where did you find the rims and tires for $1600

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