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aecarbon 02-25-2010 04:17 AM

Pics of my CJ5 in 1989 ish
I built the jeep it had a Dana 300 Transfer case with a T1 transmission a centerforce clutch, Dana 44'f front and rear from a Scout lockers F&B, 6 point cage, 120lb flywheel, Motorcraft 2 BBL with off road build kit, full harness, landing lights from a DC10, custom front and rear bumpers, 9"shackle kit, 3" soft ride lift kit, no sways front or rear, 4core radiator, Warn hubs, solid mounts, 4.11 gears, Monte carlo steering box, intake routed inside under the dash, header and custom exhaust....ohhh and one of the first Best Top Super tops no snaps...this was back in the day

I was at Charloo Gap in Tuscon on an overnight run. We were coming up a slight hill that had a wash out on the side I made a bet I could straddle it and come out. The left wall caved and we just dropped sideways. My buddies wife was in it with me and strapped in, it took 10 minutes to get her our she flipped out. It took me over and hour to get out of that but I did the lockers saved my arse and it would have cost me a $1 if I was pulled out not to mention the humility of having to pay. I ended up pulling another jeep out the next 12 miles and home another 80 because his clutch let go. Thanks god it was the easy part of the trip.

and it does say on the windshield Only in a Jeep

Robert Palmer 02-25-2010 09:03 AM

Re: Pics of my CJ5 in 1989 ish

1989ish. Just as old as me. LOL

robpp 02-25-2010 09:41 AM

Re: Pics of my CJ5 in 1989 ish
back in the day.........

looks like fun George!

DJ BoNiOmArIo 02-25-2010 09:55 AM

Re: Pics of my CJ5 in 1989 ish
That does look like fun

aecarbon 02-25-2010 10:45 AM

Re: Pics of my CJ5 in 1989 ish
Some of these are when I had the stock 30 in front and it was in 1990. My niece and nephew are in a few of them. Back then I was 22, girlfriend, $$$, ohh the good old days..Ha ha

I took the pics of the pics with my BB so they look a little distorted kinda I am going to have to scan them into the puter. The ones with the bra on are the ones with the home made shackles and the 44's but that was allot of articulation for 20 years ago. I use to run around with 6-10, Mel, Chuck, the AZ rough Riders now thats a Motorcycle stunt group. It was fun.

My first Jeep was a 75 CJ with the bus wheel no power steering 3 speed Dana 20 Transfer case if I remember what an animal but I welded the front and rear diffs so it was a mover...chirp chirp chirp every corner on the street I was young and dumb but had allot of fun...

This is the 75 and the only pic I have of it. We were at the top of Comp hill at the Salt River its a lot uglier than it looks, the hill was probably a 50 incline and we were trying to crest the top and I think my transfer case hit. Thats Mark I looked at him and said you can get out...He goes **** that shit Jori drive this ****er out now! about 10 minutes later we got off and slide a little sideways and pulled it off. My friend Alfred had his winch right there and his hand out for a dollar...I will roll it before I pay you a dollar...the stoooooopid shit I did back then

But when I had my Jepp I could run with the best of was hella fun!!!! I will have to post the ones of the strippers when I find them!

Scottina06 02-25-2010 10:55 AM

Re: Pics of my CJ5 in 1989 ish
very cool pics

08Hemi 02-25-2010 11:31 AM

Re: Pics of my CJ5 in 1989 ish
sweet bro thanks for sharing! looks like a blast and bring back some great memories!!!

aecarbon 02-25-2010 10:45 PM

Re: Pics of my CJ5 in 1989 ish
I guess my love has always been anything with 2 or four wheels here are some pics of my old bike

DJ BoNiOmArIo 02-25-2010 11:35 PM

Re: Pics of my CJ5 in 1989 ish
OH WOW !!! that is an amazing bike man !!!

BenReardon 02-26-2010 08:38 AM

Re: Pics of my CJ5 in 1989 ish
Very Nice all around

jeepnjeep 02-26-2010 09:01 AM

Re: Pics of my CJ5 in 1989 ish
Nice wheeling pics, Dude. Didn't needd all the coil spring, coil over tricks did ya? Those old Jeeps could flex pretty darn well and go almost anywhere if the driver knew what he was doing.
Nice bike too!

Chuck 02-26-2010 10:07 AM

Re: Pics of my CJ5 in 1989 ish
Nice rides man :thumbsup:

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