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Herb4372 12-13-2013 09:12 AM

Uconnect 8.4 AN
I've noticed that my audio settings (specifically fade/balance controls) reset themselves... anyone else notice this?

bill_de 12-13-2013 09:20 AM

Re: Uconnect 8.4 AN
I've never seen your audio controls, so I wouldn't notice if they reset themselves. :D

However, I have adjusted mine a few times and they always stay where I set them.

I wonder if they hold different settings depending what source you are listening to?


Cisconetdude 01-02-2014 09:31 AM

Re: Uconnect 8.4 AN
wondering if anyone can verify prior to the update if your 9 speaker system shows 9 speakers on the surround sound audio button or just 5 speakers. I think mine showed 9 but after the update it changed to 5. would like someone to verify.

clew 01-02-2014 11:17 AM

Re: Uconnect 8.4 AN

Originally Posted by Cisconetdude (Post 953418)
wondering if anyone can verify prior to the update if your 9 speaker system shows 9 speakers on the surround sound audio button or just 5 speakers. I think mine showed 9 but after the update it changed to 5. would like someone to verify.

just 5 were shown on mine pre and post

grandriver125 01-02-2014 07:07 PM

Re: Uconnect 8.4 AN
Had 3 flash drive updates today. This is the one for the 8.4 and it appears to address a substantial number of potential problems:

NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles built on or before November 18, 2013 (MDH
1118XX) for international vehicle and equipped with one of the following
• Uconnect 8.4A AM/FM/BT/ACCESS (sales code RA3).
• Uconnect 8.4AN AM/FM/BT/ACCESS/NAV (sales code RA4).
• Uconnect 8.4 AM/FM/DAB/BT/VOICE (sales code RG3).
• Uconnect 8.4AN AM/FM/DAB/BT/NAV/VOICE (sales code RG4).
• Uconnect 8.4 AM/FM/BT (sales code RJ3).
• Uconnect 8.4N AM/FM/BT/NAV(sales code RJ4).
A customer may experience, one or more of the following conditions.
· **Enables Via Mobile software features when released to consumers**.
· **Able to adjust audio balance / fade settings during a VR session**.
· **Correct, condition where user could not exit screen off mode**.
· **Mute button status was not being displayed correctly**.
· **Presets where not shown correctly or were deleted**.
· **Enhancements to POI**.
· **ParkSense tone continuously on**.
· **Enhancement to navigation routing**.
· **Radio display may shows “Please insert USB Stick”.
· **Enhancement made when video is display in radio when using PAL format video
· **Corrected the temperature slider bar not updating on Manual Temperature Control
· ** Navigation may not start or may lose position**.
· **Rear camera may show a black screen for 3 seconds upon going to reverse**.
· **Enhancements for iPod or iPhone devices that may not start playing after
· **iPod would not resume playing after a VR session or phone call**.
· **Removed the cell signal indicators in the SRT and Apps button on non-US
· Radio reset, screen lockup, blank screen or sluggish system response time.
· Compass indicator turns off.
· Touch screen shut down message.
· Radio surround sound will not stay ON.
· Driver memory feature causes Sirius XM failure.
· Loss of radio presets.
· Battery drain - due to radio remains on.
· Uconnect apps don't load.
· AM/FM popping noises and/or static.
· Backup camera display is blank.
· Compass direction may be incorrect.
· Vehicle's Icon changes on the navigation map.
· Loss of vehicle position on NAV map.
· “Vehicle Phone Requires Service” message appears on 8.4” screen.
· Nav turn-by-turn enhancements.
· Nav map guidance enhancements.
· Nav text overlaps in detour menu.
· Nav map, vehicle location enhancements in areas with low GPS signals.
· Navigation shows vehicle in San Antonio, TX.
08-049-13 REV. G -2-
· Screen only displays startup Logo.
· Screen Half Black Half White after update.
· Radio locked up after attempting to update with a corrupted or incorrect USB update
· Phone/Navigation Overlay Screen Freeze (WK only).
· Heated seat controls through radio do not function/display correctly during startup.
· Speed controlled volume not functioning correctly.
· Steering Wheel Control operation corrected at startup.
· Tuner mutes on startup.
· HD now defaults to 'OFF' for reduced complaints about 'channel switching' .
· “LO” temps displayed upon each vehicle start.
· HMI Lock up in SXM mode after ignition cycle.
· Voice Recognition (VR) enhancements.
· Point of interest screen locks up.
· Error message when plugging in iPod.
· Balance/fade setting changes after ignition cycle.
· Clock enhancements.
· Phone book enhancements.
· Rear climate control display frozen.
· Translation enhancements.
· Erratic pop ups in HMI.
· Added Teleprompter.
· Blue tooth, phone, iPod, auto streaming, connecting/disconnecting enhancements.
· Phone quality and pairing enhancements.
· Audio control locked after using VR feature.
· Travel link enhancements.
· **Navigation Lockout Disable while vehicle is in motion for (European markets
· Turn by Turn navigation in the cluster set to ON by default.
· Postal code navigation search for European markets onlyv.
· Transfer button does not pick-up and transfer incoming call.
· Voice Recognition (VR) says 'cancel' when starting (App) applications.
· Some Russian letters are caps when they should be lower-case.
· Touch screen locks up in navigation, when Russian is selected.
· Address search availably when the vehicle is moving (European market).
· VR messages in Spanish talks to fast.
· Recognition enhancement for Russian VR.
· Hands free audio too low for non-amp vehicle (KL.
· Intermittently “Registration expired” pop-up appears on display screen.
· Arabic language for navigation only, not the keyboard (RJ3 RJ4 radio only.
· Incorrect time to destination, when ignition is cycled.
· Volume adjustment for navigation prompts, for phone call.
· Incorrect rear to center fade displayed at start up.
· Translation enhancements for French German and Spanish.
· Right arrow doesn't work for advancing through preset.
· Map zoom level reduced.
· Park sense audio tone stuck on.
· While in rear media the browser knob is disabled.
· Varies POI not available for navigation.
· Postal code search not working in some markets.
· Horn sounds when locked is missing in the settings menu.
-3- 08-049-13 REV. G
· Mute button out of sync with mute in the hands free phone.
· Enhancements my for hands free phone locking up.
· Enhancements to quick search.
· Backup camera active guide lines are missing.
· Sound horn when locking, missing.
· Erratic Interior ambient lamp menu being displayed.
· Remove auto entry/exit from menu.
· Remove hill start assist from menu, when not available.
· Russian keyboard enhancements.
· Polish text update.
· Black screen intermittently displayed.
· VR teleprompter translations.
· Splash screen not showing after remote unlock.
· Translation enhancement for Spanish, German, French and Russian.
· Russian letters are in caps when they should be in lower case.
· Parkview/Parksense translations in Russian.
· Nav locks up when Russian is selected.
· VR Spanish language talks to fast when giving instructions.
· Arabic language added to some features (RJ3 RJ4 radios only).
· VR enhancements for Russian.
· Route guiding enhancements.
· HVAC display enhancements.

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