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joenjulie 12-15-2013 10:18 PM

Troubled '13 hemi traded for diesel
So, our '13 hemi limited we bought 15 months ago went in for service again, for the dreaded drivetrain "thump" that was flashed, but got worse, and we have a hesitation/missing/sometimes it just won't go problem, and i started smelling coolant a week or so ago...with no signs of a leak.
So, after they had it for 2hrs...water pump bad, don't drive it, told it was on national back order and they won't have one for a "few" weeks, the drivability issues, Jeep knows it, and has a fix coming in the first quarter of '14...but no detail if that's January or the end of March, and the thump they felt before and acknowledge is unusual compared to other grands that have a thump, jeep doesn't know what to do with mine, but our specific jeep "isn't right" and they know it.
We've been eyeing the diesel for a while, and they gave us the keys to a limited, lux 2, tow pkg, 20's...basically the same jeep as our hemi except diesel and white instead of black...exactly what the wife would want. My dealer made things right, zeroed out my current lease and got us in the diesel. They know our jeep is kind of an anomaly, and has been in contact with jeep, and let them know, we'll try another jeep, if this one is the same, I'll take my money elsewhere. Kinda sad, cuz this is the eleventh jeep in the family since 1999, and no issues like ours.
Here's the funny part, on the way to the dealer to do paperwork, the head unit in the new jeep, switched between "AUX" and satellite all on its own, many times...put it on FM, it switches to it goes in for a flash the day after Christmas. Let's hope that's it, cuz she loves her new '14...time will tell

fun2drive 12-17-2013 12:02 PM

Re: Troubled '13 hemi traded for diesel
Well I sure hope the diesel treats you right. I usually don't buy into the concept of bypassing the first year vehicle because of bugs but many stories including yours seem to bear this out.
Good luck with the diesel. I have mine on order and hoping it lives up to the expectations of my test drive...

Jarek0423 12-17-2013 02:17 PM

Re: Troubled '13 hemi traded for diesel
I have the diesel (summit) and love it. Prefer the driving to the Hemi I test drove couple times. Hope you'll be happy!

Question - was it difficult to trade in your 2013 given it was a lease? I know it's usually tough to get out of a lease early.

joenjulie 12-18-2013 01:34 PM

Re: Troubled '13 hemi traded for diesel
they were like $6k off from my pay off, even when they said if I bring it in, and they show it's a troubled vehicle, and Jeep already knows they don't have a fix, Jeep gives them 5k to the dealer to take it in and sell it, and that will make up the difference with my wife's supplier pricing on the new one.
Being this is my 3rd jeep I've bought from them in 3 years plus my '13 charger(wife changes her mind a lot '10 wrangler, '13 grand, '14 grand all hers), I told them zero out my lease, and I'll buy the new one, if not, give me a loaner until mine is figured out, when it's out of the shop, I'll bring it back every week to have a record it can't be fixed, and I'll go buy an Escalade or a Tahoe somewhere else to prove a point...they also have a chevy dealership, and cadillac. Wasn't trying to be a dick, but I wasn't going to be taking negative equity in the shorts because Jeep can't fix mine, they know it, and my wife is unhappy. She loves her Grand, she picked it over X5/X3, ML 350, and Q7, she just didn't want issues. She would've kept ours, but this last trip was the last straw. I also went to school with the kids of the owners, and now they are the managers(they actually had to work at other dealerships, and the family farm before they could work and be promoted at the family dealership), I finally told them make things right and you know I will keep coming back if treated right, so they helped me out, and finally I watched the GM of the dealership call their Jeep "guy". Plus my company takes all our fleet vehicles from minivans to 5500's there for parts/service if we can't self perform.
To be a little bit of a dick, I pulled the card out of our fleet rep, and said I'll call them, they service the eastern part of the country, and let them know I personally am "quitting" Jeep of which my family has bought 11 jeep vehicles since 1997, and my company will no longer order any Chrysler products and go back to Ford(and that would pain me greatly).

fun2drive, I figured since we bought a '13(in Sept of '12) before they changed everything for the '14s we were good, no bugs, and was going to give the new diesel a year or so to show it's problem free, and then trade. Hoping this one is good, or else she said we're done with Jeeps. At the same time, our BMW's radio and electronics had a mind of their own, I had an Acura with a moonroof they could never fix, and we realize every manufacturer has issues, but dropping almost $50k on a car and it isn't as reliable as my dad's '93 with 250k miles on it is crap.
Lets hope next week when the oil burner goes in for the radio to be "flashed/updated/WhateverTF" it fixes that.
So far, as of last night, she's very pleased with it, and she's only used a 1/4 tank since Saturday, her Hemi would've been about empty the way she drives:)

Sorry so long winded!

scostuart 12-19-2013 06:50 AM

Re: Troubled '13 hemi traded for diesel
How many miles were on your 2013 v8?

joenjulie 12-19-2013 09:15 AM

Re: Troubled '13 hemi traded for diesel
16,910 when trade was inked, we had it 15 mos. "Thump" started at 4400, talked to them and they said "they all do it" without driving it, it went in at 8600(no TSB at that point but recognized it was not right), 11500(TSB performed fixed it for about 4 days), and 16,500(coolant smell started but couldn't find the leak), and finally this last trip 16,800...acknowledged hesitation, found water pump bad(informed not to drive it, could completely fail), and thump that Jeep isn't sure what to do...they may tear down T-case and/or tranny and look at the rear end. From 11k on it started with the hesitation/rpm fluctuation like it's missing or not getting fuel, and that's when they performed the TSB for the thump, and thump got worse, did it going left/straight/right vs only left before the flash.

The diesel has got me a little worried, besides the head unit needing whatever it needs already, it wouldn't remote start this morning. Half a tank of fuel, so it's not too low, and I tried both remotes. It just honks once. She said it was fine last night.

AAAA 12-19-2013 10:23 AM

Re: Troubled '13 hemi traded for diesel

Originally Posted by scostuart (Post 947738)
How many miles were on your 2013 v8?

I'll bet they will give you a good deal!

HaydenHunter 12-22-2013 09:06 AM

Re: Troubled '13 hemi traded for diesel

Originally Posted by joenjulie (Post 947784)
The diesel has got me a little worried, besides the head unit needing whatever it needs already, it wouldn't remote start this morning. Half a tank of fuel, so it's not too low, and I tried both remotes. It just honks once. She said it was fine last night.

Our 2014 JGC did that and I finally figured that my wife's purse (with key fob) was in the car in the garage when I tried to start it with the other fob. I think it is a security thing. Won't let you start the car by remote if the other fob is inside (possibly permitting someone else to get in and drive away). Could that have been your issue?

NC4stroker 12-23-2013 08:25 PM

Re: Troubled '13 hemi traded for diesel
Hey, we also traded a 13 Hemi for a 14 Overland diesel. After reading this post, I now realize we had the "thump" too!! Never took it in for a check, and it had 22K on the clock in only 10 months.

We traded the Hemi in because of the less than stellar gas mileage. Of course, we knew what the mileage would likely be, but I got tired of filling it up every 4 days.

So far the diesel has been flawless aside from the annoying dash buzz/rattle I solved!!

The oil burner now has 1500 miles on it after only two and a half weeks of ownership!!

joenjulie 12-26-2013 02:28 PM

Found out, the back door wasn't latched...remote start works just fine now. Went in today to update the radio, they did the flash and said it's all good. They are still waiting for the water pump for the hemi, and waiting for the PCM flash from jeep, but didn't say if they fixed the thump. They already have it listed for $36,750 and reduced to $36k even. That's $229 less than my payoff was, but I'm guessing they worked something out with Jeep/Ally on taking in the grand like they said they probably jeep giving them $5k to take it in and sell it since it's "problematic". Bonus, they also said they overcharged for something...actually a discount from jeep they thought didn't apply to the diesel, but does, and my payments going down around $20/mo!!

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