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StaticFX 12-20-2013 01:43 PM

Phone wont re-connect after you walk away?
updated to 13.48.3 - this may have been like this before but only noticed now.

You start up - phone pairs fine. walk away (like leave it running and go inside - far enough for it to lose connection) Get back in. It doesnt re-connect?? This is terrible... the RHB did this (as well as switched to the second phone if the first one left)

SNUKE 12-20-2013 08:42 PM

Re: Phone wont re-connect after you walk away?
This is normal, for basically every bluetooth device.
It is programmed to search for devices when turned on. When the set time to search for devices passes it stops constantly searching.

With the exception of my Jabra Freeway, every BT device I have and do own, including every other car I have driven does this.
In my Ford, it can be so fickle about reconnecting, even when I ask it to in the menu system, I just find it easier to go into neutral while driving, switch the car off, then straight back on again for reconnection.

The Jabra Freeway is designed to turn itself off and on based on movement (getting in and out of car), and that is why it will constantly be searching if the car is in moving.

I make sure to leave the phone in the car if I know I will go out of range to stop this.

StaticFX 12-23-2013 11:26 AM

Re: Phone wont re-connect after you walk away?
this is new to me. the 2011 (RHB) radio would swap to device 2 if device one left.. as well as reconnect. My Sony portable radio reconnects if i walk away then com back.

hate it.

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