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racer-xerols 12-22-2013 09:33 PM

Another happy new owner
Picked up my Deep Cherry / Black Summit yesterday. 14 miles when I got it, sitting in the drive at 246 now, and leaving for FL tomorrow morning (from MD). She'll have close to 1k on her tomorrow night.


Not new to Jeeps (also in the garage are a 92 XJ 4.0/auto and a 92 YJ 4.0/stick), not new to diesels (also have an '01 Ram 2500 Cummins/stick) and I also know my turbos (played all through college with the Mopar 2.2/2.5 four cylinder turbos) this GC seems like the perfect blend of all worlds to me. Smooth, quiet, powerful, comfortable, awesome fuel mileage (so far showing me 27.8 average/mixed and the fuel gauge is pretty much dead-on 3/4 tank), and TONS of nice toys. Haven't noticed any turbo lag - not surprising for a VNT - power is nice and smooth, and the only thing I've had to disable because the computer pissed me off was the auto-high-beam control. Reflection off a clean road sign made them think there was oncoming traffic...more than once.

I have to say that's the only thing that hasn't impressed me - the headlights. They don't get brighter on "hi", there's just a shutter that reveals a top section of beam (understandable for an HID). I wish they were brighter in general, and better-focused - I'm already getting flashed by oncoming traffic. Might see if the dealer can adjust them down a bit, and keep an eye out for future wattage upgrades. Beam spread is nice...but I live in deer country and I like my lights BRIGHT.

Checked the EVIC just now, showing 96% oil but just under half DEF. I'll stop along 95 at some point for fuel, and pick up a jug of DEF as well. Typically I run Rotella in everything - but it looks like this one needs a decidedly thinner oil, any thoughts on changing/adding or just stick to the dealer stuff?

Already got the HomeLink programmed, and the Droid paired...just need to load up the mutts and hit the road in the morning! By this time tomorrow...the poor thing should be pretty well filled with dog hair :(

Does anyone have any prime tire PSI recommendations for good ride quality, good treadwear, and good fuel economy? I run 80 psi in my Ram (10 ply / Load range E) and they wear perfect, last for nearly 75k, and I get nearly 24mpg out of the truck on the highway. Would like to find the same optimal setting for the Eco...any thoughts?

netboy 12-22-2013 11:07 PM

Re: Another happy new owner

Originally Posted by racer-xerols (Post 949207)
Typically I run Rotella in everything - but it looks like this one needs a decidedly thinner oil, any thoughts on changing/adding or just stick to the dealer stuff?

Congrats on your SFU. Our EcoDiesel requires very specific motor oil. The oil must comply with Chrysler MS-11106 standard and only a few on the market do. There's a full thread regarding this HERE.

MuSh 12-23-2013 05:52 AM

Re: Another happy new owner
Congrats on the purchase. I'm surprised you don't notice the turbo lag. It's pretty bad IMHO, but no where near as bad as the ecoboost in the explorer sport. I haven't even tried the auto highbeams. My low beams were good enough that i didn't even think to try it. My new Eco is making a trip from FL to WV. So far, great!

fun2drive 12-23-2013 08:00 AM

Re: Another happy new owner
Congrats on the new ride. I never noticed turbo lag either but then again I did only a short 6 miles test drive. I guess you know if you want higher HID output you will need to change the ballasts out which will void your warranty. I live in an area of no external lights anyplace and I had to run multiple lights to get enough to avoid deer and hogs and I hope these HIDs are good output...
I am hoping to get my Overland in Deep Cherry in a few weeks or less and be part of the crowd as well...

crabman 12-23-2013 08:56 AM

Re: Another happy new owner
Speaking personally these are the weakest HIDs I've ever had and by no small margin.

racer-xerols 12-24-2013 12:07 PM

Re: Another happy new owner
Well 1100 miles on it now and the only complaint I have is...its too smooth and comfortable at speed and apparently Georgia frowns upon cruising at 85mph :(

Other than that, no issues on the trip. nothing major anyway. I'm going to rain-x the windshield to help the auto wipers when they're slow. DEF was below half (never filled and I missed it) but didn't consume noticeably so I'll just top off and note it on the CSI survey. Nobody rear ended me so I assume when ACC uses active braking the brakelights illuminate lol. and at 1086 miles the oil shows 90%. Right on schedule :)

ACC set on most traffic was in the 70-75 range and I just paced except that one spot in GA when the road emptied out...average MPG shows 27.7 and hand-calculated at fill up netted 26.8. Pouring rain the whole trip, she was stable as could be.

Engineer notes: fuel range display. Seems accurate enough but WHY does it go to "range: LOW" when it hits 35 miles to empty? That's when you need the distance MOST...

ACC, awesome system but the distance even at "close" is far enough that drivers on I95 think you're letting them in...and you get cut off. And can the rear wiper be hooked into auto-on? Rain cleared at one point, wipers off, lights off, drove for probably 20 minutes...and then happened to look in the mirror right as the rear wiped a piece of perfectly dry glass because I hadn't thought to turn it off :(

Oh, and none of the cupholders will hold a Gatorade. Really?? Not even the doors....

racer-xerols 12-24-2013 12:11 PM

Re: Another happy new owner
Last note about the rear window - make a spoiler that ducts air from the roof, down the window to help keep it cleaner. my 1972 Satellite wagon has that technology and the wiperless rear window stays perfectly clean in all weather. Its not a quantum leap guys...please.

Hammerhead 01-02-2014 01:34 PM

Re: Another happy new owner
The turbo lag in our 2014 seems shorter than the lag in our 2008 CRD although I'm waiting until the break-in period is over to to really step on the throttle in 1st gear.

As for the HIDs, they don't seem dimmer than our 2008 although they do seem to have a slightly different beam pattern.

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