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enzo808 12-24-2013 01:43 AM

Stacking lift kits for 04 WJ
Wassup y'all! I got rid of my WK a while ago & am in the works of purchasing an 04 WJ. My question is this. Can I stack on a 2 or 3" BB lift kit on-top of a 6.5" lift kit?! I kinda know the risks of stacking lift kits, but was just wondering if there's anyone out there that is currently running this type of setup?! I know that there's some of you out there that think I'm "Crazy" for planning this type of setup, but it's something that I'm thinking of doing. You're probably wondering why I'm planning on doing this, is because I scored me some 16x14's & am thinking of doing a "Deep Dish" look. I'm a "Weekend Warrior" and LOVE to Off- Road! Any advice would be greatly appreciated, but PLEASE, no "Wise Cracks" or anything! Thanks!

xJoshxx 12-24-2013 07:43 AM

Re: Stacking lift kits for 04 WJ
I would advise against stacking lifts, specially a 6.5" lift I mean that point you've replaced both drive shafts all adjustable control arms.

6.5" lift on a WJ is expensive. I don't think the springs would have as much perch as they need for that height if you stacked a 2" spacer. your looking at easily 3k once your finished to lift a WJ.

I believe you need longer brake lines also for a 6.5" kit or else you will be using them as limiting straps.

if your planning 16x14's your gunna need stronger front axle the d30 will be snappin shafts, and depending on if you get a v8 or 4.0L the D35 will explode.

Stock WJ rims are 7" wide your adding an additional 7" Goood luck.

I rubbed front bumper with a 265/75/16 with 1.25 spacers on stock rims with a 4.5" lift..

4.0_4x4 01-02-2014 01:05 PM

Re: Stacking lift kits for 04 WJ
9.5" of lift huh? With a 6.5" lift you would have to swap in a Dana 44 or Ford 8.8 front and rear to run 35's off road without snapping axle shafts left and right. With 9.5" you could probably run 37's to 40's and you would need a Ford 9" or a Dana 60 front and rear. Just for the axle swap and gearing your looking at about $10,000 to do the front and the rear professionally. Then custom drive shafts, at least $2,000 for both. Then you would need to upgrade your t-case about $1,000 minimum. You would need a more durable Transmission so about $2,000 there. Custom steering arms and assorted drop brackets would be another $1,000. And to turn those tires you would need at least Hydro assist so about $500. Then you have the lift $3,000. Tires $1,000 minimum. Wheels $500. So were at $21,000. If youre going to put that much money into a custom setup you might as well get custom Coil Springs made so another $1,000 there. So $22,000 for a custom 9.5" lift on a vehicle that's worth $6,000 at best. It would be an AWSOME rig in the end but that's ALOT of money. Not to mention that the height would be illegal in most states. For most off road applications a Quality 4.5" long arm on 33's would provide you with plenty of clearance, and articulation, while still being drivable on the highway.

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