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NC4stroker 12-24-2013 07:57 AM

Did the Zaino thing!
I've had great luck with Zaino on my Black GT500, and I took advantage of the very warm weather last weekend to detail my wife's 14 GC.

I washed with Zaino wash (virgin paint so no need to strip with Dawn), no bonded surface contaminants, so no clay was needed.

One coat of Z-AIO, followed by a coat of Z-2 Pro. Allowed to cure over night. Then I tried their apply and walk away Z-CS, and it worked very nicely. I finished up with Z-6 detailer, to work any uneven areas, and it came out real nice.

Of course it rained on the GC last night, and it was a drizzle type of rain, and when approaching the car under the street lights, it appeared to be "frosted".

Here is a close up of the "beading".

Psydoc 07-24-2016 01:14 PM

Re: Did the Zaino thing!
I've been using Zaino products (actually more of a system, really) exclusively since 2001, and in my opinion they are hands-down the most ingenious, sophisticated, and the best automotive polishes and finish protection one can buy. (Available only online at their website. If you're contemplating using Zaino's extensive line of products, I urge you to spend a considerable amount of time reading the information at their website, particularly their FAQ. I recommend one of their starter kits if you are new to Zaino.)

That said, the Zaino system is not for the faint hearted. "Zaino'ing" a large vehicle such as the JGC is a considerable project and undertaking. Put the vehicle inside a clean and well lit garage (avoid outdoors) and then plan on spending about 5-8 hours for hand-washing, drying, mixing the polish with ZFX, applying said polish, and then hand-buffing. ( I do not recommend orbital buffers unless you really know what you're doing.)

After you purchase one of their starter kits and undertake the project for the first time, the next session will go more quickly because by then you should have the hang of it. As you will learn from Zaino's website and FAQ, the most common mistake that newbie's make is applying too much polish. 1-2 ounces of polish will be more than enough to polish a JGC. (If you apply to much polish, it will be difficult to buff out, particularly if the humidity is high.

Remember, Zaino polishes are "space age" polymers/polishes and contain no WAXES whatsoever. (In fact, you should avoid waxes altogether.)

This morning I applied a second coat of ZFX-activated Z2 polish to my new 2016 JGC Summit, and will be applying a third coat this fall. (With a vehicle this size, it would be brutal to apply two coats on the same day, although you can certainly do this without any penalty if you are so inclined.) Unlike archaic and inferior waxes, you can apply as many coats of Zaino as you please with no worry about build up. The more coats of Zaino you apply, the better the finish gets. It's that simple.

Show cars generally require only one coat per year, while every-day vehicles should be detailed with Zaino twice a year. Unless the vehicle is new (you should then Zaino it as soon as possible) I generally Zaino my vehicles every spring and fall, when the humidity is low and temperatures are mild.

wardo 08-10-2016 06:44 PM

Re: Did the Zaino thing!
🖒🖒gotta love the beads

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