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jeeppro 02-26-2010 11:35 PM

turbo for 4.7 its a good idea

robpp 02-26-2010 11:38 PM

Re: turbo for 4.7
no troy stay away. thats some universal kit.

bro go see tim@ncts. that guy knows his shoot.

tell you what. pick me up on the way....ill follow you. we'll have
to leave one of our jeeps for a few weeks he told me. i think hes in MI.

then he'll make up 2 kits and bang.

jeeppro 02-26-2010 11:39 PM

Re: turbo for 4.7

robpp 02-26-2010 11:44 PM

Re: turbo for 4.7
i can leave my jeep if you cant. then when we go back, we stay a day or two. he installs the second one will we try and tune the fiorst one. LOL

im seriuous bro. we got to keep up with scott.

jeeppro 02-26-2010 11:45 PM

Re: turbo for 4.7
how much

robpp 02-26-2010 11:47 PM

Re: turbo for 4.7
i dont remember what he said, but 2 got to be cheaper than one.

we need software and a tuner, that will be the biggest obstacle. he sold escape something that piggy back on the stock pcm, if it works the same for us, then no problems.

i would guess 5K installed.

robpp 02-26-2010 11:48 PM

Re: turbo for 4.7

Escape 02-27-2010 12:47 AM

Re: turbo for 4.7
Stay away from that universal STS kit. Definitely give Tim a call.

scjeep4.7HO 02-27-2010 05:55 AM

Re: turbo for 4.7
Just looking At that kit i see stuff missing that would be needed.

DJ BoNiOmArIo 02-27-2010 08:56 AM

Re: turbo for 4.7
I can join you guys on the drive to MI guys ... been wanting Tim to do it to mine also, I'm not joking either. So we all three can go and Troy can drop me off at my brothers in Ogden, UT.

Let me know for real what you guys want to do?

JeepKid 02-27-2010 12:26 PM

Re: turbo for 4.7
Get r done Omar! Tim needs to get something done for the 3.7's that would be awesome! Sorry for the off topic post Troy!

robpp 02-27-2010 12:28 PM

Re: turbo for 4.7
i need to plan it Omar and save up a bit.

but I could be ready for something like this come June......

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