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Chase361 01-02-2014 06:16 PM

HELP plz guys going Fing crazy
Ok I had a 2013 GC and got a 2014 Cherokee I know Im posting in the GC side of JG but I can't get any help on the 2014 cherokee thread and the 14 GC and 14 Cherokee electronics are kinda the same. SOOOO Im installing Volt hids Im using the canbus error code eliminator provided at Volt and a DDM tuning power relay harness. The relay harness is dual in dual out so how I have this set up is the car this way. car Light bulb harness connects into the canbus capacitor then plugs into the Power harness signal sensing plug. Then I plug the VOLT hid box in to the power end of the Power harness. Do that on both sides and nothing no lights HOWEVER when I reverse the car light bulb harness going int the canbus capacitor (reverse polarity) they work BUT my dam jeep dings every time I start the jeep saying low beam headlight out! IDK what I'm doing wrong! I did this on my GC and it worked amazing for 9 months!

Chase361 01-02-2014 07:11 PM

Soooo I got in my jeep to head to chipotle for dinner and it didn't set off a low beam headlight out message 😃could the ecu or something just had to reset?

robpp 01-02-2014 08:41 PM

Re: HELP plz guys going Fing crazy

Chase361 01-05-2014 07:19 PM

Guys idk what is wrong with the weird ass 2014 cherokee. I have the canbus error code eliminator and I know how crazy this sounds but it will all day say my low beam headlights are out then at night it doesn't it's done this 3 days in a row.
Then yesterday I got canbus 194 led lights for the license plate and now it's saying license plate out! I thought if u got canbus were good! Could the cherokee not be canbus anymore but it detects voltage now? Idk I'm getting irritated.

macfan 01-05-2014 07:42 PM

Re: HELP plz guys going Fing crazy
Any chance that Cherokee has automatic headlights and that is why it is behaving differently at night?

Chase361 01-05-2014 09:29 PM

Well I have it set to auto like on your grand cherokee but I always have it on auto I never touch it

Evolv0 01-14-2014 10:18 AM

Re: HELP plz guys going Fing crazy
That is why, take it off auto. and manually turn your headlights on and off from now on, or else you will keep getting this BOW.

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