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kennzz05 01-04-2014 07:22 AM

Cold weather operation
Hello as a semi truck driver I am aware of all the problems the impending record low temperatures may cause. I just wanted to inform or remind those that are new to diesel that there are some things that should be done to ensure trouble free cold weather operation. let me start by saying I do not own a diesel jeep so please consult you're manual as to extreme cold weather operating tips. That being said, you need to add a non gel additive to you're fuel to prevent the wax that is present in diesel from turning to a gel this can start happening at temps below 15 to 20 f. I imagine all auto parts stores sell it the most popular by far for the semi truck crowd is, howes diesel treatment if you live near a truckstop you can get 1 bottle that will treat up to 160 gals I think (less that 1 fillup for me)
Secondly is a block heater if you allow the motor to cool to ambient temp the oil in the crankcase becomes very thick and will prevent the motor from being able to turn over fast enough to start. Those of you that keep you're vehicle in a garage but than go to work and leave it outside all day either should go start you're vehicle every couple of hours( remote start and let it time out) or consider not driving the diesel till the temps rise back into a more normal range. I am mostly talking to the people that live in the north east where the temps are going to be either in the single digits or below zero here for the next couple of days. If there are any other questions I'm sure you can get an answer on Google, I just wanted to remind you guys to have a plan. If you see a bunch of semis broken down on the side of the road it's all those that forgot to treat there diesel. It's true that winter diesel has treatment already in it but it's not enough to guarantee no gelling.

racer-xerols 01-10-2014 10:03 PM

Re: Cold weather operation
Good tips. I currently have an '01 Ram Cummins, and past trucks include a '99 Cummins and an '05. All three wore cold fronts in the winter - does anyone know of one for the WK2? I will confess, when the weather was single-digit earlier this week I drove my '01...because it has a block heater, and I could plug it in at work. The WK2 stayed cozy in the garage until we hit the balmy 20's :) Although, I did notice a much happier temp gauge on the WK2 in the cold, than on the maybe a cold front isn't needed per se, and just a good supply of anti-gel would do the trick?

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