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KSomes 01-11-2014 01:11 PM

Installing an AUX Input Adapter in Your WK
Hello everyone!

Recently I had installed the PAC Audio AUX input adapter for my 05' Limited and when doing so, using the included directions was a little difficult. I noticed that many others were having similar issues, so I thought I would do an install write up!

Installation time: ~45 minutes to an hour

Here is what you will need:

1. Phillips head screw driver

2. Aux input adapter: Product Details | iPod Integration for your car and More by Pac-Audio - Connecting you to the future (There are other input adapters out there, but this one worked perfectly)

3. AUX cord with RCA jacks: Hosa Stereo Y-cable Mini Male-Two RCA Males 6 Foot | Musician's Friend (You can buy a shorter or longer one depending on where you would like the cable to go)

That is it! So here we go!

Step One: You must remove the head unit and to do so, you simply pull the head unit bezel from the rear towards you.

Once you do that, it will reveal four Phillips head screws that need to be removed. Do that and carefully remove the head unit to reveal the wires. Here is how it will look from the rear:

Step two: With this install, you will be placing the adapter wires (T-harness) into the 10-pin and 22-pin connectors. To get there, remove the current wires. (There are tabs that need to be pushed in as they are pulled out to remove them) You could do this without removing any wires but the 10-pin and 22-pin wires, but if you wish to completely remove the unit, note that the radio antenna needs to be squeezed as it is pulled outward to remove it.

Step three: Before you install the new wiring T-harness in between the head unit and the existing harness, you will notice that there is a red wire with a fuse connected to it. You can simply tape this wire off as it is for ignition sense which isn't necessary for this install. Now, plug in the male end of the AUX Adapter 10-pin and 22-pin wires into the female receiver of the head unit. Then, take the factory male 10-pin and 22-pin wires and plug them into the female receiving end of the AUX adapter wire harness. By default the AAI-CHY output plug (3 pin connector) should be connected to the VES input harness of the 10 pin T-harness. If the vehicle has factory VES or the factory radio is a single disc (REF), use the Satellite input of the 10 pin T-harness.

Step four: Now, simply find a snug location for the adapter behind the head unit. This can be tricky, but just make sure it is out of the way of the head unit so it can fit back in snugly and that none of the wires get pinched. It may be a good idea to use a zip tie to clean up the wires as much as possible and place them out of the way.

Step five Now you will need to wire up your AUX cord. Plug in the AUX cord with the RCA jacks. Personally, I wired the AUX cord behind my cup holders by wiring it down past the climate control knobs and shifter bezel. Then, I simply drilled a hole in the area just behind and above the cup holders in front of the arm rest/ storage area and pulled the cord through there. To do this, you must remove the trim as shown here:

Now, if you ONLY have satellite radio and don't have the VES, (Video Entertainment System) you now simply have to do the reverse process to re-install the trim and head unit. But, if you have the satellite radio and VES, you must disconnect the VES. To do so, I disconnected the power harness shown in the picture below:

Removing this wire works, but throws a trouble code. (It does not turn on the check engine light or anything, just a code) To fix this, you must remove the other end of the VES wiring which I did not even bother to do as it doesn't bother me. Now, just re-install the trim and head unit and you are done!

Here are the operation instructions from the PAC Audio manual:

If simulating VES:
Turn the radio on and press the MODE button to select DVD or VES.
1. Press the SEEK up or down button to select CHP 1 for Aux 1 or CHP for Aux 2.

Note: When the key is removed and the doors remain closed, the Radio will display DVD Paused or Power Off. The Aux source
audio will be muted during this time. This is a normal function for the factory radio. When the key is turned to Accessory or Ignition,
the Aux source audio will un-mute.

If simulating Satellite receiver:
The radio will need to be updated with information prior to use. This is one time process and
will not need to be done again unless the radio is disconnected or vehicle battery is replaced/disconnected.
Turn the radio on and press the MODE button to select Satellite. On single disc radios (REF model), wait at least 1 minute before
using. Navigation (REC) or 6 Disc (RAQ or RAK) radios will display ‘UPDATING CHANNELS’, please wait until the information
1. Press the SEEK up or down button to select Channel 1 for Aux 1 or Channel 2 for Aux 2.

Note: If you do not hear the audio source in aux mode, please check that the 3 pin connector is connected to the correct
connector on the 10 pin t-harness.

I hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions and all picture credit goes to Thank you! :thumbsup:

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