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Publio Salazar 02-28-2010 06:02 PM

wk tranny help
I have a problem with my GCH WK automatic Transmission 2008, when it reduces speed of third for second, a strong blow is listened, it was seeming to be the universal joint or the speed box. Can they help me? I have taken her to the consecionario and they say that its normal. i dont believe it.

brent 02-28-2010 09:07 PM

Re: wk tranny help
Hi Publio - Is the noise like a "whine" sound? Lots of people report this sound and get the similar responses from the dealer (consecionario).

I don't have any personal experience, but the usual questions seem appropriate.

1. Have you had any service done recently? Or did anything change recently?
2. What size/model engine do you have in your 08?

Here's some info from the service manual. Not sure if it helps.

High pitched whine/noise related to engine speed
1. Fluid level low.
1. Check and adjust fluid level. (Refer to 21 - TRANSMISSION/AUTOMATIC - NAG1/FILTER - STANDARD PROCEDURE)
2. Transmission in limp-home mode.
2. Check TCM for DTCs. Repair as needed.
3. Filter plugged.
3. Check TC out pressure, if < 10psi, check for plugged filter. Replace if needed.
4. Filter damaged or missing.
4. Check for damaged/missing filter or cut/missing o-ring.
5. Oil pump bushing worn/ damaged.
5. Visually inspect for worn or damaged pump bushing. Replace pump assembly if needed.
6. Oil pump gears worn/ damaged.
6. Inspect for worn or damaged pump gears. Replace pump assembly if needed.

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