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racer-xerols 01-12-2014 08:04 PM

Best tire PSI for 20's?
The weather here in MD is wonky, to say the least. A week ago, we were 6 degrees above. Today, nearly 60. Tire pressures are fluctuating as much as the temperature (I'm an avid sport motorcyclist, so I tend to be extremely in-tune with my tires). My question is this - what have people found to be the best tire pressure for the 20's with stock tires?

On my Ram 2500 (10 ply 17" tires), I run 80psi (cold). Even treadwear, excellent tread life, outstanding fuel economy (for a big honkin' fullsize diesel pickup).

My YJ Wrangler (31x10.50-15) and XJ Cherokee (265-75/15...I think) are happiest at 32-35 - any more and they wear down the center, any less and the tread gets serrated and the handling gets even worse lol.

I just aired up the WK2's set to 40. They were all at 35(ish) - my first physical check (outside of the EVIC), had it 2 weeks, has about 2500 miles on it now.

I'm hoping for the best fuel economy I can get, without wonky tread wear. Does anyone have any ideas or experience? The tire sidewall says max PSI of anyone running them at 50? Any treadwear issues? I got the diesel because I wanted the best MPG I can get - 5psi drop on my Ram loses me about 2mpg, so if adding another 10psi to the WK2 can net me some MPG without hurting treadwear patterns....well hell, air's free! :)

NC4stroker 01-12-2014 08:18 PM

Re: Best tire PSI for 20's?
It's hard for us in NC lately to get a consistent inflation pressure, as we've also been getting the wild swings in temp lately. As you know, every 10 degree shift in ambient temp changes tire pressures by about 1 PSI.

I hate to admit it, but I've been going with the suggested pressures in the door jamb, as I don't want to piss off the TPMS. LOL

I used to be more active in trying to dial in the best pressures, but I still do "read" the tires by feeling the edges, and watching for crazy wear patterns.

Also, I tend to rotate at least every 5K miles to get the most out of my tires.

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