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John47 01-13-2014 08:26 PM

Diff oil replacement
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In the Jeep service costs thread in this section there have been recent posts regarding the replacement of diff oil and I think it is worthwhile to have its own thread…..
I don't mind paying a fair rate to have work done for me, but my local dealer employs incompetent people so I decided to do the job myself.
48,000k on the odometer, so the vehicle had more km on the oil than it should - but the dealer forgot to change the oil at the 40K service! About 30K has been towing our van, and in temps ranging from freezing up to 45 degrees.

Just what oil to use has been a significant component of the discussion on the other thread, and those that want to catch up on this could pop over to that thread and get up to speed.
Suffice to say that having followed the input from some dedicated forum members, and biting my lip, i decided to go with Redline 75W90 GL5+.

I couldn't get it locally so purchased it on line through Ebay from GL Lubricants.
WK2Jeeps says 1.1l for front, and 1.2l (non ELSD) for the rear, so I purchased 3x1qt bottles. Placed the order on Saturday afternoon, and the box was delivered Tuesday morning at 7.30am. Great service.

OK, jacked up the front (used a stand to stop me being squashed), and removed the front tray (full of little stones that would have been rattling around like fury). 2x13mm bolts at the rear removed to let the tray drop down, and 2 x 13mm bolts at the front that only have to be loosened to let the tray slide out. Easy access then to the front diff.

8mm Allen key for both plugs. Checked the top first to make sure I could get it undone, then drained into a little bucket. The oil looked dark, and had a strong smell, not really a burnt smell, but quite different to the new oil.
Only around 900ml drained out. This is around 200ml short of the 1.1l supposed fill quantity.

To get the new oil in I used a 2l hand pressure sprayer, with a piece of 6mm plastic tube stuck in the nozzle. Filled the sprayer with 1qt, pumped up the bottle and just quietly let the oil be pushed into the filler hole. Took a few minutes but totally under control and no drips on the floor or me.
I could only get 900ml in before oil ran out of the filler hole.
Closed everything up and moved to the rear.

Easy access here once the vehicle is jacked and on a stand. Again 8mm Allen key for both plugs. Rear oil was also dark and strong smelling.
Quantity difference this time of a fraction over 1l out and the same amount able to be put back in.

So with the 900ml for the front and around 1050ml for the rear, 2 qts will do the job on a non ELSD vehicle.

Total time including thinking and cleaning up was a bit over an hour. No oil spilled, and satisfaction from knowing it has nice clean oil front and back.

Having no idea what was the original oil fill spec, and seeing the old oil, I would say it was certainly in need of a change.

Just whether 75W140 GL5 would be a better choice for the expected duty is a moot point. It wasn't a major job and I'll look to do the change again in 30k time - I'll only need to buy 1qt this time.

GlennR 01-13-2014 08:42 PM

Re: Diff oil replacement
Mines in at Southport Friday. The 40k service is quoted at $850 but this does not include transmission fluids that are a "check and replace if required" on the itinerary. With is in mind, I might also let the transmission oil replacement slip and complete a DIY in a few weeks. Good bit of info John. Cheers. (PS, Ive got a pump off ebay that I use to fill by Yammy outboard gear box. Only $18 so this might be useful in filling up the transmission).

Swampy 01-13-2014 11:15 PM

Re: Diff oil replacement
Good Post John

The oil pumps are also available at Supercrap and possibly BCF. I used the pump for my boat gearbox also as that is a stern drive.

John47 01-14-2014 12:30 AM

Re: Diff oil replacement
Swampy - was your oil dark and smelly too?

those in the peanut gallery need not put in their bit…...

Swampy 01-14-2014 02:09 AM

Re: Diff oil replacement
John, it was probably 6 months ago, but yes, it did have a fairly strong smell. I think it was dark, but certainly not black. (I normally judge colour as it is pouring into the container). I do remember thinking that it could have gone a lot longer.

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