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vertrkr 01-16-2014 11:51 AM

The most accurate tire gauge money can buy
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Hi, I'm Kurt and I'm a tire gauge-aholic. In my never ending quest to find the perfect gauge I think I finally did it, the Longacre 53008. I like analog gauges for their lack of batteries but prefer digital for the precise read out down to .1 psi. All my previous digital gauges took the flat watch type batteries and would eventually die and I would not have the batteries on hand. I also require the gauge to be part of the tire inflator I hook up to my air compressor line. I finally decided to find the most accurate gauge of this type cost be damned. My research finally led me to the Longacre line which they just revised for 2014.

They claim accuracy to .2 lb / .3% and it takes AAA batteries for this model, think I'm in love. They have 33 different models, sheesh, some even more accurate, cheaper ones less so. Most of these are designed for racing pit crews who need this accuracy and fools like me. Their cheapest digital one is $39 with .6 lb accuracy and the top of line one is $398 with .1 lb accuracy and a built in pyrometer for temp compensation.

When selecting a gauge choose the smallest psi range that fits your needs in the middle of the range. Gauges are most accurate in the middle of their range and smaller the range the more accurate they are. So for our tires at 36 psi a 0-60 psi gauge is the best choice.

Longacre Racing - Online Catalog: Electronic Wheel Scales, Gauges, Pyrometers, Chassis Setup and More!

robpp 01-16-2014 12:09 PM

Re: The most accurate tire gauge money can buy
nice gauge. i also have a longacre.....about 5 years now. no issues. works perfect. doesnt have all the bells and whistles like your new one though :|

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