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2014falcon 01-19-2014 09:19 AM

The uConnect radio is frustrating...
I have a GC Summit with that magic radio that does everything for you except perform correctly.

The satellite radio seems to work as it should, never a problem. The navigation is good, nary an issue.

But that media portion of the radio is anything but reliable. Men have been put on the moon and brought back, and we build mighty ships that launch civilization killing aircraft, but Fiat can't fix that damn radio to automatically acknowledge and play data from an SD card/USB stick when selected. WTF? It can't be that hard.

My GC was built in August 2014. I have the latest update 13.48.XXXX installed, and the same problem in one fashion or another keeps popping up. After starting the vehicle up, the media isn't recognized sometimes, or the song count is doubled or tripled.

If, when I start the car, the media doesn't start , I can do the radio reset and it will usually recognize the SD card afterwards, and play normally.

After turning the car off, it's a crap shoot whether it will start again automatically when the car is started.

Friends of mine who see this occur automatically remove this car from their want list.

Come on, Fiat/Chrysler, ya'll got enough government to fix this!

bill_de 01-19-2014 12:07 PM

Re: The uConnect radio is frustrating...
Have you tried reformatting the card and reinstalling the songs? If you do, a radio reset before reinstalling the card is a good idea. There have been a number of threads on this topic. Often it comes down to a problem with the media ... even though it may work ok on a computer.


2014falcon 01-19-2014 12:30 PM

Re: The uConnect radio is frustrating...
Yea, I transferred music from a 32-gB SD card to a 8-gB SD card and the same result.

2014falcon 01-26-2014 09:11 PM

Re: The uConnect radio is frustrating...
****UPDATE! *****UPDATE!

Good news!

After Bill suggested reformatting the SD card, and even though it was already formatted to FAT32, I decided to re-format it. That was last Monday, 1/20.

I've waited a week with bated breath to see how the SD card reacted. I just spent 15 hours riding to Daytona and back this weekend with the radio playing continuously, and it never missed a beat.

So, it's played flawlessly since last Monday with no runs, no hits, no errors. I guess the reformatting did the job. I couldn't be more pleased.

Thanks, Bill!:thumbsup:

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