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jonahjeep 01-27-2014 12:33 PM

items to check when pickup up
My cherokee is on the train and on its way to me. Finally! that wait is brutal. I have read on here where some people have had some issues after getting the vehicle from the dealership. Saw that one person's jeep was still in "ship mode" and another where the tire pressure was not looked at. So my question is, what should be on the checklist before I leave the dealers lot?

Jeepster910 01-27-2014 12:58 PM

Re: items to check when pickup up
There have been check lists posted.
The most Important thing to I do is to check for any damage on the exterior, including paint chips, scratches, misapplied body panels, and missing parts.
The same on the interior as far as stains, damaged fabric/leather, and missing parts.
These kind of issues could be excluded from any adjustment period or warranty.
I also try to do a check after picking up from service.
Of course in my humble opinion a real good dealer would never let those issues get to a customer.
I had 41 psi at delivery in the tires, suppose to be (33psi) It was easy to fix and not a big deal considering the psi was rated for the max on the tires was 62 psi. Had the max been 42 psi for the tires there would have been issues driving 250 miles home.
Do a search for check lists.

jonahjeep 01-28-2014 08:22 AM

Thanks jeepster910. I couldn't find much under a checklist search, but those were some good tips you have me.

Desert Hiker 01-28-2014 08:44 AM

Re: items to check when pickup up
Try this thread..........

Good Luck!!!!

Desert Hiker

mkling 01-29-2014 11:15 PM

Re: items to check when pickup up
Used the check list, thank you for it, found bubble on front passenger door and also two areas on the front passenger and back passenger door one each, these areas appeared to have been wiped with a rag when it came out of the factory painting, they are hard to see but when the light hits them they are very noticeable. Had also found the driver side rear door trim had been installed incorrectly causing it to roll on. The dealership replaced the trim and is having the doors repainted, sad though that when they were changing the rear door trim they scratched the front driver door and now are going to repaint that one.
Used the rest of the check sheet and found no other issue other then the tire pressures. Now it seems my transmission is acting up.

Anyway thanks for the list.

larry111 01-30-2014 08:20 AM

Re: items to check when pickup up
Based on reading posts and just thinking about obvious things, I came up with this list ---- I know, its OCD, and will take a while but is worth it, if it eliminates a trip to the dealer. (I'm sure you could spend hours and still miss things.)

bring: tire gauge, rags, 120 v device, 12 v device, flash light, SD card, voltmeter

all ordered features (e.g. tonneau cover, cargo net, spare / jack, floor mats, locking wheel lugs?)

all switches start at left of steering wheel and work way around!
all outlets and check 12v voltage
Uconnect features! check flash level HOW??
Dual zone temp settings
SD card
setup and test key fob door mirror auto adjustment
windshield and rear washers
Transmission all shift functions including neutral
parking brake
lower rear door corners seal

Door lock/unlock features
Hatch auto open close
key fob functions
cell phone functions

Engine compartment
oil level

door / panel alignment
headlight alignment

Test drive
Transmission shift functions
idle speed
automated cruise control
parking sensors / auto park
fluid drips

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