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Noodles 5.7 01-28-2014 02:11 AM

2005 5.7 JGC limited stuck on 3g w/ slipping tranny
Good evening all, long time site visitor first time posting. In need of some help with my 05 JGC Limited, drove it on Sunday to deliver a print job to one of my customers and drove to couple of other places and this morning went out and warmed it up for a good 15 minutes since its been freezing outside and when trying to drive out of my garage the jeep didn't want to reverse. It slipped a bit then went on it's way, when shifting into drive I noticed that instead of drive it was stuck on 3rd gear next thing you know the dreaded service engine light comes on. I did do the check for any OBD codes and got the following

P0700, P0944, P0731, P1790, P0876 & P0841

Mechanic said I need a transmission, Im hoping someone here can tell me if these OBD fault codes are really a failing transmission. Jeep has been maintained and serviced periodically the only other major problem I have had is the replacement of the differential. Any help & info will be greatly appreciated fellow Jeep enthusiasts...

Frango100 01-28-2014 04:07 AM

Re: 2005 5.7 JGC limited stuck on 3g w/ slipping tranny
Welcome to the garage.
Your jeep should have the 5-45RFE transmission. The fault codes you have point toward a pump prime problem (P0944). Is the fluid level ok and does the fluid looks clean without burning smell? All the other codes you got could come from the low line pressure.
There where several cases where the pump inlet filter housing was split, causing the pump to get air with the fluid. Did the mechanic lower the transmission pan and check for debris in the pan? Also the inlet filter could detach from the pump inlet when not properly mounted, but in that case the jeep will not move to either side anymore.
If not done yet, i would lower the transmission pan and check for debris. Also check the inlet filter for being split.
I would change both filters and put new fluid in it.
I donīt know what the mechanic exactly did, but they many times tell you too easy that you need a rebuild or new tranny.

Noodles 5.7 01-28-2014 04:05 PM

Re: 2005 5.7 JGC limited stuck on 3g w/ slipping tranny
Thank you Frank :thumbsup:, The mechanic did not drop the transmission pan he just hooked the OBD reader to the truck and got those codes out for me his other mechanic just drove it back and forth and that's about it. They asked if I had any spilled tranny oil in my garage but no oil on garage floor, I was hesitant at first to just leave my jeep at his place due to the fact that the previous day it was running great and didn't have an issue, this was an all of a sudden thing. this morning I went to move it and it drove as normal then a few seconds later it slipped right back into 3rd gear and started to fail again in drive and reverse. Any more info would be greatly appreciated

Frango100 01-28-2014 07:46 PM

Re: 2005 5.7 JGC limited stuck on 3g w/ slipping tranny
If the transmission controller sees a fault that could be harmfull to the transmission, then it will switch to limp mode. This is in most cases 3rd gear. It will only come out of this by switching ignition off/on. The mechanic at least checked the fluid level and quality? I would not expect an electronic failure, because reverse is also not working. In reverse a mechanical valve in the valve body is moved by the shift lever. A failure of the pressure regulating solenoid would be more thinkable.
Are you a bit handy that you can drop the transmission pan yourself? With the pan off you can directly see the oval inlet filter and check it for being split. You can then also check the pan for debris.

Noodles 5.7 01-28-2014 08:13 PM

Re: 2005 5.7 JGC limited stuck on 3g w/ slipping tranny
Yes the mechanic did check the fluid and said it was fine still red and didn't smell burnt. I am a bit handy and will drop the pan in the morning, I do appreciate the helpful information I'm just hoping that I will not have to replace the transmission cause this is already sounds like a whole lot of dollars....

Noodles 5.7 01-29-2014 12:55 PM

Re: 2005 5.7 JGC limited stuck on 3g w/ slipping tranny
Well took the Jeep to a transmission shop and was told I needed a transmission, they just drove it and propped open the hood and that's about it, how can they tell if the transmission is gone just by driving and popping the hood open???. Can anyone here tell me the proper way to check this truck or tell me the best way to check it out. I am a bit mechanically inclined but messing with the transmission is something that I really don't want to do, will I screw it up more than it already is?? I know I should look for metal shavings but what else am I looking for?? Any one out here I would greatly appreciate the help fellow Jeep owners.......

Frango100 01-29-2014 06:48 PM

Re: 2005 5.7 JGC limited stuck on 3g w/ slipping tranny
You asked for advise, but continue asking the same thing after my reply. Im not a transmission specialist, but rebuild my 5-45RFE last year myself. Or bring it to a specialist, or start with dropping the pan and checking the inlet filter. and the pan for residue. I would just change both inlet and cooler return filters . You had a fault code P0944, which means that there is a pump prime problem. This just means that the pump didnt get fluid and without fluid the clutches will not work and the jeep not move. So you need to know why the prime problem occured, which could be a low fluid level, or the already mentioned split filter.

Noodles 5.7 01-29-2014 10:06 PM

Re: 2005 5.7 JGC limited stuck on 3g w/ slipping tranny
Will do, gonna purchase Chilton manual and will dive into it, what more damage can I cause. I did work on cars years ago so will give it a shot on Friday so I can start early and if all goes well great if not I will have to tow it to the transmission shop and have them take care of it. Thanks again for the advice Frank it's just baffling that so called professionals can just say "hey you need a new transmission" just by the OBD codes alone and not drop the tranny pan

Frango100 01-30-2014 04:07 AM

Re: 2005 5.7 JGC limited stuck on 3g w/ slipping tranny
I donīt know if there is a writeup in the WK forum for servicing the 5-45RFE behind a 5.7L. Eventhough the transmission is the same, there could be an exhaust pipe for example which could stand in your way preventing you to lower the pan.
Lowering the pan is a bit messy job. From the factory the pan is sealed with RTV, but many service stations use a prefab gasket afterwards. RTV is more messy and more work to remove the next time, but the gasket is easier to give leaks. I used a gasket once, but after it gave problems with a leak, i changed it to RTV again.
In the WJ section one of the guys did wiriteup on servicing the 5-45RFE with pictures, will have a look where it is and let you know, just as a reference.
It is amazing how easily some transmission shops tell you that you need a new transmission without the proper fault isolation. Eventhough the fault codes tell them which failures the TCM stored, it doesnīt show exactly where the problem is.

Frango100 01-30-2014 04:49 AM

Re: 2005 5.7 JGC limited stuck on 3g w/ slipping tranny
Ok, here is the writeup from Tony TJXJWJ. Eventhough on a WJ, the servicing itself is the same:
You will need a new oval inlet filter with seal (take care you get the right one, 4x2 and 4x4 are different), a new return filter, RTV or gasket and around 6 Qts of ATF +4. A large rectangular recipient to catch the old fluid. It needs to be larger then the tranny pan and not so high, but it should be able to catch 6 Qts of fluid easily. The round spin-on return filter can be hard to remove, i bought myself a small universal filter wrench. Installation is just with hand force, the same as with an engine oil filter.

jlewissystem 01-30-2014 12:23 PM

Re: 2005 5.7 JGC limited stuck on 3g w/ slipping tranny
How many miles are on that thing? Always start with the easiest - filters. DROP THE PAN! :D

Noodles 5.7 01-30-2014 03:03 PM

Re: 2005 5.7 JGC limited stuck on 3g w/ slipping tranny
jlewissystem, Thanks for the advice :thumbsup:. My Jeep has 167,000 miles on it mostly highway miles not that it makes a difference, the only major work that has been done to this is the replacement of the rear differential and just small routine maintenance. I bought the Jeep brand new and been keeping up with it, I did go to the shop and ordered my Chilton repair manual as they didn't have one for my truck they did have a Haynes manual but I don't see the difference in the books literature. I will be starting on this on Friday and will see if my mechanics skills just happen to return to these hands and will go from there. Like I said before how much more damage can I create...Thanks Frango100 & jlewissystem GREATLY!!!...

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